My New Favorite Window Cleaning Website!

Was reading up on Carl’s blog and found a link to this site RIGHT HERE

Mr. Watson, if you’re reading this right now, I gotta say…that site is perfect, in MY opinion. Well done. oh, and please don’t move to san diego.:cool:

As soon as I seen it, there ain’t nothing wrong with it AT ALL. Pure professional thru and thru.

This is a very nice website. I only found one error.


What makes you say that?

Try out instant bid,

windows don’t stay clean 10x longer with anything - dis-information to consumer

His prices are crazy low. Maybe that is right for his market but is less than half of what we get here.

Don’t be hatin’, you and I both know the average client has no desire to sit there and read all day long.

If you WERE NOT a window cleaner and were the person looking for one, my site is in one window, his in another. Who do they call first?

That was my point. Who cares if it’s inaccurate. That site looks GREAT! Makes yer eye feel good.
I like that photo of the tablet computer. I think its great.

I care if it’s inaccurate. I like your site better. I’d call you first.

Even if it were concierges services on the next flight to the space station. Anymore, free in an ad for services to me means I don’t get kissed first.

Its kinda subjective, all who you’re targeting with it. I’m happy when fellow window cleaners don’t like my site. Cause women love it.

Brian, you’ve proved that you have a hard head… Do I need to finish this?

Perhaps your prices are [I]“crazy high”[/I] What do you charge for a true divided 6 over six double hung?


?? Its an opinion…A website or any marketing piece needs to have a specific target. All I’m saying is mine is targets 35/45 year old women and I gets tons of positive feedback from that demo.

I like the layout, but I must admit it bugs me to see misspelled words and bad grammar. And on just two pages I found 3 mistakes. Sorry.

If his prices are low this means that his employees have to haul a-- to earn any decent money

I didn’t even read anything on it. You guys got some good eyes. None of you guys like the way the graphic layout is? You don’t see how appealing to the eye it is?

I bet if he were to make those corrections, including price, he’d get the price he wants over the phone easily.

I’m with you Tory. I thought it was a well put together site.

The site is really impressive. Looks amazing and is well put together. Seems as though he is also well educated in the art of window cleaning. I just can’t figure out why he would price so darn low. I’m happy to not be working for a company that is a competitor of his, nor a company that has a similar price structure. I don’t work in orange county (I’d think San Diego is similar) but $305 ($213.50 with the special offer) for a 2 story 3800-4200 square foot house inside and out with free track cleaning (which most of us know this alone can take hours since the term “cleaning” is subjective, and some tracks are just disgustingly dirty) plus screens AND 8 mirrors is ridiculous. Companies like this are setting a standard to homeowners that is extremely hard to make a decent profit from while providing excellent service. Good luck to Mr. Watson; he does have a beautiful site, wish he would take advantage of it.

I agree with Justin completely. beautiful layout, but we are killing ourselves as an industry when we are willing to do such subjective work with great hazards and insurance costs for such little money. on another note- how many of you find success with instant quotes based on square footage or similar criteria? I can’t understand why my market would be so much different than everyone else’s, but in Milwaukee a lot of the homes have older windows. and even with newer windows, there are so many different set-ups that the price swings can be drastic. I would much rather give my customers an accurate price that is not higher than it needs to be and also high enough to cover my but on every single job. his built-in calculator could never accomplish that. do your prices just get raised when you sh