MY new marketing magnets and cards!

Here is my brand new car magnets and business cards and business card magnets, and my mouse pad!! OH look at that yard sign… I only wish the Services offered was larger. What do y’all think?

If you were driving by I would have no idea what your business was because there is way too much information on it


It will get a small percentage of eyes but every eye counts. Use less info and bigger font next time. Looks good for a different type of marketing

I like the Idea you came up with, however I agree with above, a lot of information, Make it quick and simple.

P.S: I will be in Salem this next week for a big job, lets grab coffee and talk business!

Hey @Trenchfeet how much would vinyl letters be for his truck window and tailgate? :wink:

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How do i keep it plain and simple while also trying to get my brand out there? If i just did a simple

then it doesn’t express my brand, or other services. Would a vinyl wrap be better with my squeak N’ squeegee on it? or just simple like above done in white vinyl letter on side or windows?

You would be better off getting lettering, IMO. Those magnetic signs from Vista are pretty weak, and eventually will blow off your truck.

Order your own lettering and apply it yourself. It’s not very expensive. I lettered a enclosed trailer myself, and the cost of the lettering both sides, was under $100 bucks.

I don’t drink coffee, but we should get together, what day will you be here? maybe text me this answer lol

Logo or company name, what you do, number


I had my first set for over 3 years and these new ones seem to be 3x as thick and strong. We shall see.
I been thinking the vinyl lettering but I thought colors and styles and brand was good. I want my Squeak N’ Squeegee on there. They represent my two Son’s Squeak & Squeegee. I thought about getting a complete larger vinyl wrap with either a complete redesign or just a larger version of thee above.


Check out a few threads in this category

Company logo, big bold number and service(s) offered.

Hope this helps.

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A wrap would be ideal, if done right.

But I’m a cheap ass when it comes to that stuff. Not paying 2500+ to wrap a vehicle. I don’t worry a lot about my branding here.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
— Leonardo da Vinci


well the next step will have to wait I need to focus on advertisement. I need more customers, not just for “slow season” but in general. WoM is going great, and here and there from yelp and FB is cool. Thumbtack I’m trying again but seems to mostly be focused on our much larger metrocity Portland.

Should I advertise in the paper newspaper, or try to get into one of those huge closed community / golf course magazine

I don’t do the paper, church magazines, golf course advertising, or billboards.

Post cards, my man. Beyond that for resi, I pursue commercial in person.

If you are mid to lower end on price, and in sizable cities, you could try Yelp. I understand that the west coast uses it pretty hard. I target the upper end of the market, so they are harder to get to.


I have done thousands of postcards and countless areas, and have had NO return on a single card. I already use yelp and get a few here and there from it. Yes we love yelp out here lol!

Have you though of rewriting your marketing copy? Order a small batch of cards (2500) and test them.

My first card I did bombed too.

Edit to add:

If you do facebook or other social media, start doing short videos to post on them. Do a video a week to start. Show people what you do and what is unique about you. Tell your story and get them invested in you and your company.

Even having your kid do a little squeegee work will sucker the womenfolk in. Remember who you market to. :+1:


Its probably the content of the postcard.

Maybe post a pic of it and someone can help?

Facebook is a good place to gather clients quickly, if done right.
Have you got the book…

Nextdoor might help out with a couple jobs as well

Yeah i just recently signed up on nextdoor for business, been on their for a year personally. I order that book last week, even paid for that rush shipping, (WHERE IS IT?) and paid $50 for all that download stuff.