My new sales tool and vehicle protection system

Well introducing Sophie Vom Keiser. This dog is near to paying for herself already. Strategically parked myself in at a coffee shop used by many ultra wealthy people. Of course in work clothes and looking over pictures of holiday lighting displays.

We all know people are drawn to puppies. Any who signed up $2100 worth of lights, gutters and windows without leaving the coffee shop.

Besides work, this dog will be my life.

And yes, I consider this to be a protection system for work, and you’d be amazed at the money I pulled in from my old dog. I’d say 5% of our clients requested my old dog came when we preformed the work. Shouldn’t be different with this one as she is sweeter than Tupelo Honey.

She’s a beautiful dog Dave!

awesome … we love dogs

man you are one clever sob lol

nice dog

clever way to think outside of the box. many homeowners love pets and it stirs emotions making them more open to conversation.

I think she’s smiling in the last pic. Good looking dog.