My Pure Water Set Up

Here’s what I’ve got so far. Definitely a work in progress. Maybe I can get lucky and be a beta tester for some new cart system!:smiley: What? It could happen!:rolleyes: Someone tell Phil to stop laughing!

here’s mine.
My car’s packed!
the 65 gallon tank eats a lot of room. I’m pushing my Scion to the limit.
Getting a utility trailer to put the tank and a pressure washer.

Cool set up Matt!

I’m gonna redefine the scion’s ability :slight_smile:
I actually want to get a medium lift kit and some bigger tires…of course I’m gonna need to do some alterations on the meat of the car to handle this, but this car is going to be pimp.

Here be mine. DI tank is sitting in the other rear corner to the right of the reels. Upper hose is for the WFP. The lower is for the PW.

Thanks for the props Phil. I have Shawn to thank.

that set up looks familiar.

yes, Doctor Phil should me the way of Jedi WFPing rig

Where can I get that bucket?