My screens sag a little after I cut the excess! HELP

Basically it’s just as I typed. My screens are sagging not terribly but enough to where I can notice it. I have already cut the excess off. Do I need to buy brand new screen and redo the entire project?

I’m thinking maybe I over tighten them, I do not know it seems very easy on YouTube but of course the School of Hard Knocks teaches us all differently.

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do 100 screens and you’ll get a little better at it


How big are the problem screens? Are they bug or solar screen?

Maybe build a practice screen, get the size that is sagging and when you install the screen and cord stop before you cut the excess. Just remove the cord and start over, this is assuming the screen doesn’t get kinks in it from being pressed in

buy a screen jig if you are doing a large amount of screen repair

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I redid the screens a few times, the customer wasn’t super happy but she was kinda happy. Did not know about the screen jig. Basically she gave me a huge amount of anxiety.

leave the roll attached and cut that side last after it has all been pulled tight and the spline is rolled in. Also preroll the spline into the groove before you set the spline, this will help. Doing screens takes time to get a good method but once you get it you will be cranking them out.