My Squeegeenomics Ticket

So I have a $297 ticket to attend the squeegeenomics event…

More info on the event here: 1st Annual “Squeegeenomics” Experience! - Eventbrite

Unfortunately I wont be able to make it, Im actually starting to move this weekend to a new house… So my ticket is up for grabs.

Explain why you NEED to go to Squeegeenomics, and I will my give the ticket to the most qualified respondent. Fire away!

PS - Even if you dont win try and find a way to get yourself there… You wont be disappointed.

Want me to come out and give you an estimate for window cleaning?

Damn i was looking forward to meeting you in person, will alex still be going?

Yea Im really bummed… Unfortunately Alex isn’t going to make it either… We were excited to meet some new folks…

Think you should give it to Enviro?..think his name was. He sounds like he could use the info’.

I will be there too.


Perhaps I’ll get you to autograph my WCBO Issue #1!

Too bad you guys cant be there. I was hoping to pick your brains!

I’m a superstar! haha…
keep it up Brian…:0

What a giveaway…

Good luck on your move, Chris.

I sold my first window cleaning business 6 months ago by sheer luck and blessings. I am currently a partner/manager for a company that is bigger and better than my old company, but still needs a lot of work to get me and my partners out of the bucket. I need to know more than I do right now and I am hungry for that knowledge.

Aside from the serious, I would love to go!

I love watching you work the room

Josh if I give you a ticket youll be able to get a plane ticket and everything in time?

Hey Chris,

Thank you so much, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to put everything together in time. When I posted originally, I didn’t know the conference was this weekend! I would love to go, but it’s bad timing for us.

Thanks again and I hope that ticket goes to someone who really needs it.

No worries Josh, still open if anyone else wants it.

I just signed up yesterday!

I too was excited to meet you and grab a beer.

Me cause I’m cheap!

You are !

Kris its all yours if you would like it. Just let me know for sure your 100% going to go. Only condition is you have to buy Kevin a beer :slight_smile: Sense I was going to when I was there…