My Tool Belt

Here’s some pics of my workbelt.

Dang batman/Tony

That is quite the set up… Good stuff.

Dude…where is the pistol?

No pistol. Just the lightsabre squeegee if needed!

batman wants his utility belt back :stuck_out_tongue:

ahhh…you model it well. hahaha

Nice Tony! Mine is similar just not as much hanging and banging. The brush and extension pole would drive me nuts. I have the bucket on a belt, 3 squeegees, a pouch on the back that has a 5 oz bottle of Sorbo powder, some bronze wool, some cut up white pads, a small prybar and a few screwdrivers. I also have the Triumph scrapers with the new “state of the art” window cleaner designed holder.

For me that is all I want, stuff that is too long and bangs drives me nuts.

I worked construction for years and had a framing hammer hangin and bangin for the whole time so it doesn’t bother me. Sometimes I also have the Cali car duster hangin there also. On the same side as my BOAB in the little black holster is my Leatherman. In the squeegee holster on my left side is a pouch at the top w/ my brass wool.

is thar brass or bronce wool worth buying ? or just use the steel one and throw it after each house? I don’t use it too much if that matters.

I think it’s worth trying if you’ve never used it. On huge jobs I like it because you’re not going through so many pieces of wool, since it doesn’t rust. On the other hand if don’t use wool often it may not be worth it for you. Even though bronze wool doesn’t rust, it wears out just like steel wool does. Dirt collects in it and it loses it’s fluff, making it less effective.

I keep both kinds (steel & bronze) on hand.

What kind of a belt is that? The padding looks like it might make the belt more comfortable to wear.

You can buy simular ones at HD.

Is the bottle for drinking water or cleaning solution?

Personally, I wouldn’t drink cleaning solution.

drinking solution to get him through the day???maybe?

The bottle has cleaning solution in it. For those times I’m on a ladder or roof and need a little extra. The belt I got at a Menards Home Center. The belt came w/ the back support pad. It was $15.

How do you guys not get water all over your pants or the floor if you dont put the squeegees in the bucket-on-a-belt? They always seem to drip continuously, even after wiping…I also use a plastic gaurd so as not to get a rash on my upper thigh from the water.

If I’m inside I have a huck I tap the end of the squeegee into so dripping isn’t an issue. I am getting a new holster this week that will eliminate the problem. When I get it I’ll post some pics.

Gee Wiz Batman How long does that take to suit up?

I have a 6 gal.bucket with a bucket organizer that I can carry anything I want conveniently. Here are some examples bucket organizers. Anything to large to fit in the pockets I can just put in the bottom of the bucket. I modified some of the inside pockets by cutting the bottoms out of them so I can put any lengths of squeegee channels in them and even my wooden pole. Here is what I typically have in it: replacement razor blades (small and 4"), Leatherman, clips, business cards, channels (4,12,14,16,18)" large cleanup towel, 1 or 2 extra hucks, Fresh Rubbers (each size + 8" which I always were on my belt), extra strip washer sleeve, small and large plastic scraper, anvil pruners (for rubber) wooden pole, small 18"pole, 3 different handles. I may throw in other items as needed like screen brush, cobweb duster, [URL=“”]BK Mocha Joe extra t-bars or squeegees, my kid, etc…
The only bad thing about that set-up is that my car smelled like pickles for a month or 2 when I first got the bucket from a local restaurant.

I wear a dish / hand towel in the front of my belt. I fold it lengthwise in 3 and tuck one end into the front of my tool belt. (I call it my loin-cloth) It’s very convenient, I can wipe my squeegee without putting down or holstering my scrubber. Since it right there in front of me, it’s much faster

I don’t care for a belt with alot of items aboard. The bulk is bothersome to me.

I use a 6 gallon rectangular WC’ing bucket for extra items. I leave it near the front door. It’s close enough to grab something without running out to the van.