My website finally the way I want it!

Graphics design 101… if your having trouble making something look clean and professional just add a gradient and some drop shadow lol.

Think Clean Windows Honolulu, HI - Honolulu Window Cleaning and Power Washing

Still got lotsa work to do. Kind of dark for a window cleaners site, but I think the looks fits the cliental i’m going for.

Hey Joe,

I like the new look, very clean!

Check your landing page from a smart phone though. When it comes up on
my iPhone, about 20% of the right side is cut off. It’s all there if I rotate it horizontal, but you know most people browse with the phone in a vertical position.

Just something to consider.

Do you use a mac? I do and had similar problems initially. They looked great on my big monitor but then they were chopped on regular PC and some phones.

I’m not sure why but the page seem to load slow for me. Is it just me?

yeah its way to big. I have a person thats going to go in and configure all of that once I get it all finished up.

Yeah it loads super slow for me too. You do realize that whoever is doing your seo is stealing your page rank juice by linking to their own website at the bottom of the page right?

Slow for me as well.

I like the colors. I think I remember your kickass business cards being the yellow/black, too. :cool:

Your ‘before & after’ pics #5 and #6 are two different windows, but I don’t think many would notice. :slight_smile:

It was slow for me too, but I see you’re getting that looked into. I like the look, it’s different to other sites but I’m not a fan of landing pages. You run the risk of people not clicking to deeper pages just because they can’t be bothered or don’t have the attention span. You’ve got a lot of space on the landing page, maybe add some special deal or something? And a bigger phone number IMHO. Good site though.