My website

I’d appreciate any feedback I can get on my website. Good or bad. How are my prices? I feel I’ve played with them a dozen times.

The cat is a nice touch.

On your Services page, you say “seals wiped clean”. Do you mean the “Sill” is wiped clean?


Even though above the pictures it says “Pricing starting at”, people read what they want. It wouldn’t take much to put under the picture with price…“Small Homes From: $149” and so on.

that’s what the dawn is for :slight_smile:


Lol…Ill fix the seal error. You guys are so hilarious.

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from your name i would assume you do window replacement, from the first page of your website i would assume you do window replacement.
even on your services page i have to scroll down to see in small text that you clean windows.
as a customer i would never make it that far.
in fact if i somehow made it to your home page it would be an instant click off.
no offense intended, that’s what i see…or don’t see.

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I’m browsing it on my phone and the design colors are really nice. Love the cat too lol. The navigation format is easy to understand as well.

What’s there is better than most sites already, and it has potential for even more improvement.

You are probably already planning some of these, but my recommendations are as follows
1.) Hire someone to polish the rhetoric on each page to make your message as clear and concise as possible. Check for grammar, punctuation, spelling and run-on sentences.
2.) Add some photos of yourself and jobs you have done to the gallery, and keep updating every so often
3.) Sort your price list by house size first, then by service package so you can eliminate redundant photos and wording. I’m not saying my site is the best, but maybe you’ll see the logic behind organizing it that way!pricing/j0htv

As for the prices themselves, yours are fine. Whether they are high or low or average for your area is nobody’s business but your own. If you can get enough work to pay your bills and have a happy work/life balance then good on you.

Hope this helped =)

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I really like the logo and the gold font. I looked at it on my mobile phone and I needed to see window cleaning on the first screen, I’m sure many other viewers will also need full understanding of your services on the first screen.

Nice job!

A few small changes I’d make personally:

  1. The page header is big - lots of valuable screen space is taken up with basically nothing,… I’d reduce the size & maybe use a different image for each page.
  2. You have 7 links in your header menu, but only one page is about you services,… for a potential customer your services are the most important thing and what you should be highlighting. I’d be tempted to move the “About Us” and “Blog” links onto a sub-menu and free up space for extra pages about your services - - the same goes for your estimate page if you’re not using a quote calculator system - make space to promote your services front & centre!
  3. Mention the names of the towns/cities/areas you work in on almost every page - its great for customer engagement and great for Google rankings too.
  4. Add photos of you at work - REAL photos of you will sell your service, stock photos simply aren’t effective no matter how pretty.
  5. Add more text to every page, and write a few blog posts - this is essential for Google rankings.
  6. Try the “Yoast SEO” plugin - it has some great video guides which makes it useful for beginners, but still has all the pro features you need to get your site earning money.
  7. Ditch your gallery plugin - maybe try nimble portfolio instead, or even the default wordpress gallery system. Your current one looks a bit rubbish.

Overall though its a fantastic start, I see very few DIY websites looking that good starting out & I’m sure it’ll get even better with time. )

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Really appreciate the criticism. I need to fix this. I cant change the name this far into the game, but I can make it clear on the first page what we do.

Which website builder did you use

The cat is nice, I used a pic like that with a dog once on a door hanger.
Use images your customers can relate to…The cat is looking out the window at rain…rain in Bakersfield?

Id like to take credit…but I paid a web designer to buold me a wordpress site.

The cat is just suppose to signify sadness for dirty/wet windows. I had a slogan on there at one time, “Don’t let dirty windows get you down”, but I ended up taking it off.

:smiley_cat: I spent 4 days window cleaning, carpet cleaning, scrubbing tiles and waxing floors this week at a house that had a very helpful(?) cat. Not such a problem for WC but a real pest for the floor waxing. Found him enjoying the shade in my van too. Made sure that he wasn’t in my van when I finished the job!

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Not bad but can use some improvement - lose the cat every page and try different photos especially of your crew in action…Sills misspelled on Deluxe service…gallery needs less generic more GG Window Pros specific shots of your crew or yourself servicing a home…
are the different levels of pricing confusing or helpful? Not sure…what areas do you service? If you dont specify you will waste a lot of time telling clients “Sorry we dont cover that area”…
Are you insured? I hope so make sure to tell them or furnish proof on the site…Do you have a log yet? If not invent or pay to get one if so put it on the site every page for brand recognition…

Sorry LOGO not log

My apologies I missed the logo but that means MAKE IT LARGER AND MORE PROMINENT.
Less cat more LOGO!!!

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I’ll try and work out it, but I’m not a web designer at all. After the initial build, it’s up to me to make changes and I can only do the basic. With that though, I do know how to change the background picture, but not how to resize the logo. They already made it bigger, but the increased the size of the box it was in which I didn’t like. I’m licensed, not yet insured. I’ve only had three clients. I’m so far in the negative, I need to bring in some cash flow before I can afford insurance. It’s easy to say, “You can’t afford not to have it”, when you are bring in money everyday. I send out 1500 flyers via EDDM on Tuesday and not got one call!