MY WFP from WCR Thread

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Sweet set up Steve! Maybe a video of it being used on the lake house?:wink:

I’m planning on shooting a couple more vids as we get it set up and working. Since I’ve never done WFP work, I might be embarrassed to video it in action though. :eek:

Don’t let it intimidate you Steve. Take your time and give it a thorough rinse and you’ll be fine!:wink:

Nice set up. Here’s some tips.

Dance with the big pole. After using it all day you’ll see when you go home that it can wear out your arms, back and neck. So just leave it at your hip and walk forward and backwards. Just like you were dancing like Rainman. I don’t have a carbon fiber pole so I don’t know how much flex you have with one. When I need to go left and right, I flex the pole and let it wiggle the head. If I try and man handle the head left or right my arms get blasted out fast.
Pre-scrub (I use a micro-tiger). I have found it well worth the extra time and the quality is better. Keep an eye on your brush heads, try not to let them hit the ground. Make sure your water source is cold water. I’m not sure how much those vessels can handle but i would not risk it. The other day I hooked my system up outside the kitchen area of a large golf course. It was the only source for water and power in one location. 5 minutes into scrubbing I saw steam hitting the windows. Touched the water and it was boiling hot. I had visions of my seals melting.

I love opening up boxes, you are 100% correct. Just like Christmas. Man watching you sling that blade freaked me out. I’m watching you cut and looking at your fingers. I’m telling myself “OH MAN HE JUST SLICED HIS FINGERS”. lol Well good luck with it. You will be asking yourself how you ever lived without one. BTW Your kid is one hell of a cameraman.

Thanks Steve, really enjoyed the video and serves me well since I hope to be buying mine soon.

One thing that shocked me was looking at the pump and seeing that is 110v, is that right ?
I was hoping for a 12v version … do you need a generator or a power inverter will do it ?

Thanks for the advice, I’m sure I’ll need it. I made that same hot water mistake at a house once with my power washer. Now I usually check because I did damage my machine slightly. I do get a little loose with the knife I guess. I have carried one since I was a kid and it’s like an extension of me. Probably ought to be a little more careful.

I don’t know. I looked at it again this AM and it is 110v. Not sure what I’ll do there. I’m like you, I thought it was 12v. I’ll figure something out.

Buy a generator. Nothing sucks more then pluging into a customers home. Completeing the work only to have them call you back stateing you tripped breakers and nothing in their upper floor works. Besides they are good to have around the house and if you can’t find any power at all, theres your source.

Thanks the the video, look forward to seeing you put it together.

Looks like you’re all set Steve! I look forward to videos of your progress with this equipment. I use a DI tank since our TDS level is so low around here but I am interested in your pure water setup so I’ll be watching the videos.

Hey Steve,

So how much was the total investment to have the complete system?

Look forward to hearing how long it takes to recoup your investment.

Thanks for sharing.

Everything I purchased was $2,500 from WCR. Some individual items I found cheaper but WCR offered free shipping and unlimited tech support via Alex’s cell phone. That’s worth a lot in itself.

I will recoup the invest in no time in just making some marginal jobs profitable. For example, one police station we do is priced at 60 dollars for what now takes 90 minutes with ladders. If I can cut that to 30-45 min, then I will bring my pricing more in line with my effort. I have a lot of under priced jobs now that will become regular priced with this equipment.

OOOOOO! I love goodies!
It’s like christmas!

Very informative. Is there a video of the equipment being st up? Id love to see that !

Not yet. I’ve had some vehicle issues and the truck I’m planning on mounting the equipment in is being used daily for service work right now. Look for installation in about 2 weeks.

Well we finally got it set up and here is a link to some pictures. I tried to embed the photo album here but no such luck.

// YouTube

The setup came with a picture and no other instructions but Alex and Bill from WCR were on hand to help answer questions. It was really a lot easier than I thought it would be. It took us really only one 8 hour day and 4 trips to the hardware store. I spent about $50 additional in fittings.

Bill walked me through the process of the initial trial run and everything went smoothly. I had a TDS of 77 going in and 2 coming out of the RO without going through the resin bed, and it was pumping A LOT of pure water. So, I pulled the resin out until I can set up a valve to run the DI only when needed.

We used the plywood to mount to and everything is very sturdy. We are still trying to figure out how to hook up to the Cox Reel so the hose is rolled up in the corner for now.

Anyway, Monday is the break in day. We are going to try a house as WFP newbies. Bill, have your phone on!

Thanks WCR!

Good luck with the setup on Monday! You’ll do fine. You’re gonna love it!

Just scrub well and rinse well. You’ll be amazed at how much easier the WFP is compared to traditional squeegee & ladder.

Makes you wonder how we got by before there was such a thing as wfps. It has saved me from 40ft. ladder work, boom lift fees, and countless man hrs. Some jobs I couldn’t even do without a wfp. They have revolutionized our business.