My Window Cleaning Work Truck Version 2.0



Good video Luke.

“make it work”

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I’ve watched this video before, and was waiting for the wifes side, to be sure.
Meaning, I apparently AM paying attention to your videos.

The techno blast at the beginning doesnt suit you.
Eh… maybe it’s the volume, not sure.

It’s just that you have a pleasant demeanor, and a nice way of talking.

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and those goes…

~it got this buddy from Detroit

Irony- The emergence of techno was from Detroit…
So, I aint hatin. Just sayin.

lol. I LOVE my city!
And I’m happy to hear that it shows. :slight_smile:


Well thanks . Ya haven’t had much time for any new videos latley. And that techno …idk not really my jams honestly. Actually just made a new intro for my videos if I ever have time to upload another ha


Organization is my down fall. I’m just starting to get there.

Good to see videos of guys like yourself that have it really organized

Hats cool that you work with your wife. I would definitely bring my wife on board , but her nails couldn’t handle it :tired_face:

Yes I will have her as my office girl , that time hasn’t come yet


Hey but now you got a “light” at least to see all the chaos!

Thats a step in the right direction!

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How did you attach the pouches to the doors?

With zip ties