My Window Jobs and Tools

Hello there,
first of all thanks Mark for some inspiration.
(I met him in person, he is a first rate guy…100% honest)

I have a series of photos and a few video clips to throw in here myself. Some equipment and some jobs. Hope some of you find it interesting.

Turner Clean

Graffiti Blaster in action vid

not sure how to make it show up like a little tv??

some pics of my custom, safer roof rack.

wonder if it will show up?
nope… LOL

some other pics

My daughter modeling my window cleaning belt :slight_smile:

before and after pics

Great video and pics Ed. Thanks for sharing!

I haven’t had the need for graffiti removal but I’ll keep you in mind if ever I get the call. Good stuff.

Ed - Could you send me a free sample?

I would really appreciate that.

I’ll pm you with my address. Please confirm whether that is ok or not. I think it would be a great add on to my business.


// Removal - YouTube

Here is Ed’s Video

Hey thanks Chris!
How did you do that, if you look at the history for this thread, I tried about 10 times last night… LOL…

Thanks again

Mike and Mark
in mail tomorrow

Hey Ed

when posting look at the top right there is a little you tube button. Just past the url of your video between that.

Thanks buddy.

Another showing Graffiti Blaster on Brick.

I did this one the hardest way, using only a rag and some water to show the average person that they do not need to have a pressure washer and related gear in order to use the product. :stuck_out_tongue:

// Removal Brick - YouTube

Thanks Chris, you guys are great at WCR

That stuff looks great - whats it called? where can I get it? Do they supply Yurup?

Not yet to Yurup… LOL… cool spelling there, I like it :slight_smile:

With Grafitti blaster, do you usually use a pressure washer? If so, what kind of pressure washer do you use. How do you usually use the product?

You can use just about anything.
power washer
hand brush with a garden hose
or a spinning brush that goes on the end of a garden hose from Canadian Tire or Princess Auto

Outside work benefits from the water pressure in the cracks and crevices. You can use it on Windows, Bricks, Wood and fabrics such as cloth or carpets as well.