Name help

am new to window cleaning and need help with my business name. i got three options Woodford Clean, Cleanman, leofreshness. the leofreshness one is my old nick name back from high school(i always smelled fresh). or if you got any suggestions

Depends where you live…

The obvious names will centre around that - your potential customer will know your local-ish, and it’s better for SEO purposes online.

Think about what you want to do long term business wise… nothing more annoying than having to change your name…

I’m sure other will chime in with suggestions…

LeoFreshness sounds good… although to me it sounds more like a car freshener or something it doesn’t grab me as window cleaning… but that will depend on how you market yourself…

Leofreshness is marketable

… Why only three options? Woodford Window Cleaning, it’s more specific than Woodford Clean, Leo’s Window Cleaning, though some recommend not using your own name ( so Bob’s Window Cleaning would be perfect). How about names like Perfect Shine, or Superior Window Cleaning or even Tip-Top Window Cleaning. There just seems to be way more than three options.

Fresh to death.

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Hell yeah.


If your trying to build a business/brand and you think you may want to sell it at a later date stay away from personalizing the business.

see woodford is the county am from so it will i think be easier for people to remember. what about freshness cleaning or clean. and i put those 3 names because those are the 3 best i can think of

Are you going to do janitorial or maid service? When I hear “Woodford Clean” I envision more than windows.

If you did “Woodford Window Cleaning” that’s definitely memorable. Are you only servicing Woodford county? I cross over counties left and right. You could go with “County Window Cleaning” which is nice. You can definitely make a killer logo out of cWc.

Humm, have you asked your grandmother? You want your name to be memorable and able to roll off the tongue. Especially for the older demographic.

Of course I’m slowly becoming an older demographic so if I heard “Can’t C Me Window Cleaning” I’d be all holla if you hear me! (It’s weird for me to think of 2 Pac eventually being played in a nursing home. C’mon Son!)

yea am going to do more that just windows like power washing maybe some other stuff idk for now i just want to get window cleaning started. any thoughts on the name “freshly done”(literally just thought of that). then have what i do underneath???

… I don’t associate “freshness” with either window cleaning or pw, more with house cleaning, painting, laundry
or pastries. Also “freshly done” to me means only that it was done recently.
How about “Woodford Cleaning Services” or “All Clean Services” and then list the services you offer?

WoodFord Services or WoodFord Cleaning Services with this old woody Ford as your work vehicle will make you memorable.

“old woody ford” haha that’s awesome. i think am going to go with woodford something unless i find something later on which is probably not but who knows. i really appreciate all the advice and help given

i dont know why but for some reason am not liking woodford i dont know why. am having trouble giving woodford a good name or catching on to it. so hears some other names… suds, sponge, spongy suds, sud bucket, spongers, sponge&bucket, i dont know why am coming up with s names but something in my head has a catchy s name but my brain wont let it out.

Did you know in Illinois in 2008, a woman had to have her dachshund, called Roscoe, put down after the dog gnawed off her big toe while she slept? Mrs Floyd, 56, woke up too late because nerve damage from diabetes had left her with no feeling in her toes.

Freshly Done has a nice ring to it.

How about Sponge Bob?

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Don’t use Bucket Bob. Too many already use that one.

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Squeegee Squirrel? We’re nuts about window cleaning.

Sudz and Shine? No, not that shine.

Moon Shine window cleaning? (instead of sunshine?)

Nonesuch Cleaning?

Kentucky Fide Cleaning?

Ok hear is a short list i just came up with tell me what you think
Scrubadubdub…or put suds or sudz in it
Clean it man
squeaky clean
Cleaning man

See i want to stay closer to the beggining of the alpabet…

Choosing window cleaning business names

Try the exercise near the end of that article. Might help you to prime the creative juices a bit more, and focus on finding a name that’s going to suit your company for years to come.

PS: this is not to say that you haven’t been coming up with some good ideas, but it seems like you haven’t yet reached that “aha!” moment. At a certain point it should just click. It did for me, anyway.