Nanoultra step 2 Application

I’ve just started testing nanoultra. I’ve been having some problems applying the step 2 sealant. Nanophase’s instructional video says you need to make back and forth wipes, then one smoothing wipe, then progress down the window using the same method. I’ve tried many many times, always making sure the cloth is clean and dry, and basically following all their instructions, but after it has dried for an hour I’ve gone back to test it and the water sheets at first, then begins to break up on the window, leaving spotting. I noticed that on youtube other window cleaners who use this product say to apply the step 2 sealant using circular motions. I’ve not yet tried this method, but before I waste anymore product, I was wondering what method other window cleaners on here on using? and has anyone else had the same problem I have been having?

I have not had that problem. Are you making sure to overlap and cover every square inch of glass?

Yes I’ve been covering all the glass. I have just successfully completed a treatment of nanoultra tonight, and it’s worked perfectly :slight_smile: I used a fair bit of pressure rubbing step 2 in, and used circular motions :slight_smile:

You must make sure that the glass surface is hydrophilic before applying step 2. Always check the window for sheeting before you add the step 2. Many times you need to redo step one before step 2. Also anytime you have a question about Nanophase Chuck is very helpful. Just call or email them.

Good point, didn’t think of that

Thanks for the responses :slight_smile: I did make sure step 1 had worked properly, but was still having problems with sealant. I rang chuck up and he was very helpful. As I mentioned above, I have now resolved the issue, I think the problem was I was not applying enough pressure when rubbing the sealant into the glass.