Nasty blind success

I just wanted to share these pictures. I came across a job today that I didn’t think I could do and was shocked by the results. As window cleaners I know everyone has been to “that chain smokers house”. This house was so bad that one touch of the door knob and my hand was sticky with smoke tar and who knows what. I get inside and the owner was lighting one cigarette off the last one he just smoked. these blinds have been up for over 13 years. that was 13 years of dirt, smoke, grease from the kitchen and just pure NASTY!

This image is the top of the blind. notice the clean water under it?

This is a side view with the blind closed.

One clean one dirty. Now look at the water below the blinds. thats about 45 gallons of water after only cleaning one blind for 2 minutes! I wish the picture did the dirt justice. These were by far the dirtiest blinds I have ever set eyes on. I am still shocked. just wanted to share my excitement. I can’t believe they came clean like new. The ultrasonic have limitations but most of the time they really surprise me.

That’s pretty stinkin amazing.

I can’t understand why the blinds are blue though?

You could sell that dirty water under the name Nico-WaTar or something.

These came out of a blue, hunter green, and red kitchen. I mean I’m not an interior designer but hey go figure?

That’s sick! (Pun intended)

I’ve been cleaning windows for around 6 months only, but never, I mean, NEVER, when to a house with people smoking inside. I’ve seen smoking outside, but just 2 or 3 times.

Lucky maybe ? :smiley:

That’s amazing Scott! I hate those kind of jobs. I have to break out the Simple Green for the windows to cut the nicotine. It’s either that or a hand grenade.:eek:

your lucky. Just wait it will come around one day.

I just can’t see how people can live so dirty. I understand light dust, but this place was piled knee high with news papers and clutter. the sink had moldy dishes in it. The thing that gets me is their house is trashed and they want windows and blinds cleaned? I would think a maid of a few matches would be more important?

I would just love to stick all my squeegees, boab’s & buckets in your machine!

I would say stop on by anytime but well it would be cheaper to buy new stuff.

Tony how much do you cut the simple green? I’ve found that it leaves a film on the windows. I use a foaming spray and it works great. If for whatever reason none is in the truck rinsing your scrubber in really hot water makes a big difference.

:eek:That’s pretty disgusting. Good to wear some gloves (nitrile) when doing a job like that, and a scuba apparatus. I have one house like that on my route, I don’t know if the owner will live long enough for the next cleaning. I probably shouldn’t expose myself to that environment.

I dilute it in a spray bottle according to the directions on the gallon jug. They have several soil level dilution ratios. I go w/ the medium soil dilution rate. I make sure to keep the window wet and not let it dry out at all before squeegeeing to avoid streaks.

Ever use TSP? gets the grim off but leaves a bad film. I haven’t used it in years. not sure it’s even still around. I guess it’s not the most environmentally safe.

I’ve used it in the past on walls before painting when there were smokers living in the place previously. Never used it on windows though.

I have been considering offering blind cleaning to my customers as an add on for years. I have always worried that the blind may not function (go up and down & not tilt right) after they are cleaned. I would also hate to have to deal with the prior installation issues (loose mounting brackets etc) , Have you ran into this berore? Do you have them sign a waiver of any kind? Blinds are just so fragile.


The only time I have had one stop functioning is if it is trashed or abused before I even start. I do have a waiver for the clients to sign before I even start. Once you get into it you can tell what will fall apart and what won’t. be careful of plastic parts cause they break easy. Try not to tug to hard on the stings. if they are starting to frey there is a chance they could break. It does not happen often though. As far as the mounting hardware I have only had three blinds that needed to be fixed. The thing that will save you is the ability to spot when your client abuses or misuses the blinds