National chains that pay for window cleaning

I am just wondering what national chains you have in your towns that pay for window cleaning. We have several I am certain just like you but I dont want to waste my time (starbucks). What about some national banks, sears, mcdonalds, etc…? Thanks.

Many national chains have corporate-level contracts with national service companies, who may contract out WC’ing work locally.

My local McDonalds have their own employees “clean” their windows.

I think they are all a waste of time because the bean counters upstairs usually decide to replace me with a big national service provider. I let the manager know that their windows are going to look like crap in a few months, ha ha
They usually agree and so far my prediction has always been correct. I like the independent store owners better. They are loyal customers!

It is tough to get a large chain on your own. We have a few chains but we are subcontracted through NSP’s. These include Ann Taylor’s, Coach’s, Brooks Bros, to name a few. The McDonald’s in our area are usually independently owned and operated and the franchisee usually incurs those costs. One large chain I know that does pay for it (most set up credit card payment with the corporate card) is Dick’s Sporting Goods. I just signed another one up the other day. We have three of them, they are all rather large and pay rather well. Two are done twice a month and one is done once a week. Good accounts. We also have a large number of Enterprise Rent-a-Cars and Weis Markets. They are payed through corporate, we just mail them the invoices after the services are completed.

I keep my sanity by not dealing with billing at all. Cash, check or credit upon completion. That by default puts me out of the corporate game, and i’m completely cool with it.

Hey Sean, wanna sub out Dick’s in Woodbridge and East Bruns to me? lol j/k

This could work IMO!! Although a lot of things could go wrong too :frowning: