Everytime I land a new account by cold-calling, I like to think of it as a “(X AMOUNT) Dollar Decision” to have walked in and given them my card.
So if I go into a store, price it at $10 and get it for once a month, that was a $120 decision to call on them.

So, one day I decided to walk into a Wendy’s on a whim and ask if they had a WW. Ended up landing the account plus more stores. Long story short, it has ended up being an $18000/yr decision to have walked in there initially.

If you feel tired of cold calling, it’s understandable. But there are lots of $120 decisions waiting to made and occasionally you will make an $18000 dollar decision. Or maybe more!

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I like looking at it that way plus your “just give me on” sounds like success to me

My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do,

please remove the ONLY

^ what we’re doing it all wrong

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Yeah but you have to have a webcam and verify your visitors are at least 18…

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Good way to look at it, [MENTION=6572]Bubble Guy[/MENTION]

Badeeb, badeeb, badeeb… That’s all folks…

At that math you need to do 150 stores a year…

That’s one Wendy’s every three days…

No, that s the number of wendys i got x price, every other week.

The point of the post was to encourage anyone starting out, not a mathematical brain teaser.

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Cool cool… Sorry man the math doesn’t add up. I’m going on the $120 price you basically put out there… Correct me then… Throw the math at me… 18g’s sounds too easy. You need to clean a TON of windows for 18g’s… I just want to be on the same page… That’s all…

There must be power washing and window cleaning, $18k is a lot of windows to clean…

If you’re in MA too maybe I’ll bump into while I’m out and about and you’re cleaning every Wendy’s windows in New England.

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts
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Hey FF, I don’t think Bubble was referring to the $120/year towards the Wendy’s account that he landed. I think he was just saying that if he bid a single store at $10 per month then it would be $120 over 12 months. I hope to God he’s not cleaning any Wendy’s for $10. The math…$18000 over a year would be roughly $750 every other week for all the restaurants. Divide $750 by the number of restaurants and that would be the average cost per restaurant. Hopefully that helps clear it up.
Congrats Bubble on the account.

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Sorry to get technical on you guys but you gotta figure four months of down time in New England. So… Ahh. The math doesn’t add up… Good going on the account though…

So he needs 12 Wendy’s at 62.5 per every two weeks ALL year to make 18 g’s… Take out 8 weeks for winter then he needs more… Just going on the math man…

Good point. Being from GA I tend to forget that minor detail.

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I used to do Wendy’s stores from Ormond Beach down the coast of Florida to Melbourne. We did windows weekly, carpets (when they had carpets) monthly and steam cleaned the sidewalks, drive thru’s and hoods/grease pits quarterly. They were awesome to do business with

What’s so hard to figure out? You were almost there FF.

Let’s break it down. Sorry to bore the rest of you…

12 stores x $50 = $600
$600 x 2 = $1200
$25 once month for tinted glass x 12 stores = $300
$300 + $1200 = $1500
$1500 x 12 = $18000

Is it really hard to imagine landing twelve stores at $125/mo.?

And do you really think I take 4 months off a year because of winter? Not to get technical but winter actually lasts 6 months in Mass, and we work through most of it. This year was especially bad so yes, I did have to take some time off. So let’s subtract 8 weeks like you said and that brings us to $15000. So yes my thread should read “$15000 decision” based on this year. Great.

And not to get technical again, but you forgot to subtract two weeks for vacation, a few sick days, 4 personal days and my anniversary, 3 trips to the dentist, my annual checkup, and 4 hours surfing the web when I should be working. So where does that bring our total to?

Does it really change the thrust of what I was trying to say?

FF, don’t think I dont get it. Here’s a sample of what you do on this site:

Okay. First, these examples mean NOTHING to me. Second, yeah you shoulda said 15k. Third, don’t count your chickens til they hatch… You can get huffy if you want… I’m just running the math and it didn’t add up. Have fun cleaning 24 Wendy’s a month. My guess is you will get so sick of Wendy’s you will burn out in two months… No offense. Don’t take it that way. If you can handle 24 Wendy’s a month for 10 months out of the year more power to ya! I’d want to strangle the GM by then… But that’s just me…

You’re a needler. That’s what those examples should mean. You like to stir the pot and once it’s stirred, you tell the person to calm down.

What’s the value in suggesting someone should “trim a little fat”? How is that showing respect?
Or making fun of someone’s vehicle?
Or taking issue with a technicality in a post trying to encourage ppl to keep going? Did your input make that thread any more encouraging?

What doesn’t add up is what your trying to prove by posting on these threads.