Near Fatal Accident

As i finished up the last job of the day I decided to give a couple estimates on the way home. In doing so I was struck head on by a out of control full size surburban on a main hwy. 5 vehicles involed mine taking the first impact. Long story short it was a pretty harcore accident. Had there been a passenger they would have been outta there with out a doubt. I sustained a few injuries. Keep in mind the work truck is a small Toyota Tacoma P/U. Wish I could post some pictures but I dont have my usb cord on me at the moment. I would like to consult with someone who has been in a similiar situation. All equipment was lost or damaged, truck is a total loss. I am having to start from scratch. Any information on how insurance companys deal with this type of situation would be greatly appreciated.

had this happen 1 time. its according to your insurance co. some are quicker than others. we have proggresive. they were very prompt. they even paid for a guardrail i took out with no questions. just explain to your customers and use one of your guys trucks til u get back on your feet. if you got credit with a supplier you can overnight some equipment and send the other guys ins co the bill. bam! back in biznis! just gotta b resourceful

I don’t know you, but I’m glad YOU are still alive, thats a bummer about the truck and equip. Best wishes. Where do you live. Oh yeah, post pics when you find your USB cord.

Sorry to hear of this misfortune; glad you are ok.

Call your insurance company immediately. They can even provide a pickup as a rental until yours is replaced.

We had a full total last year. The truck completely burnt to the ground.

We lost 4 ladders

3 full tool boxes

2 gps units

ladder racks

Truck cost completely paid by insurance, then the contents which I believe totaled about $7,000. They only paid out about a grand for that.

After that incident I upped our content coverage up to $10,000 per vehicle. Like Larry said call you insurance company.

[I]If you need any tools or supplies let me know. I would be happy to give you credit and ship it out first thing Monday morning so you get your stuff asap.[/I][/B]

I’m relieved that you’re okay, Matt.

Scary, man. So sorry.

Another fine example of why WCR is becoming the best supply house in the business!

Exactly, now thats what im talking about. Who in the industry is going to offer that at the drop of a hat. You guys are the best i dont care what anyone says.

Thanks for the offer chris thats very generous of you. However I have a basic set-up to get by with when needed. I need to find out when and how much im going to be compensated for all lost or damaged equipment before I start placing orders. You say that they only covered 1,000.00 for your equipment. I need the other partys insurane to cover 100% of everthing. Does anyone know about how they handle lost wages. Im currently waiting for everything to open up this morning, just figured I would try to get a head start on things.

You may want to ask your insurance about truck rental & if it would be covered in the event the other party were found guilty?
I know how it feels - I had the same ‘head-on’ around 7 years a go. You just can’t believe it happened! Hope all goes well for you.

Your are very lucky to be alive judging by that picture…

Had you not been travelling in a jeep, i would think that you would have came out quite worse off.

All the best…

Check to see if you can file a claim for lost wages with their insurance.

You should probably also discuss with a personal injuries attorney.

Who cares about the gear and vehicle… I am glad [U]you[/U] are ok!