Nebie to Scratch removal got Glass Renu and looking forMarketing Ideas

I’m trying to line up jobs in our area. What marketing ideas have worked best for you.

I had a couple of ideas what do you think.

Contacting municipalities

Contacting the local transit autority


Building management

What ideas do you guys have and what has worked for you?!

One other thing, this system kicks ass!

I love my Glass Renu also … I was thinking of contacting my local news stations or morning show to see if they could do a news story about how we can fix glass so we can keep it out of local land fills… Im sure the " green" people would love this type of story.

Joe Scinta
Clear Vision Window Cleaning
Buffalo NY

I walk in and do cold calls…works for me.

There are plenty of videos in You Tube, about how yo remove scratches on Glass Renu.