Need a Jamba Juice to cool down this week or Next Coupon

I thought some of you might enjoy a Bogo coupon from Jamba Juice to cool down in the heat.

Summer BOGO

I have a strange addiction to Jamba & just moved from nice cool Seattle to this heat cursed land called Texas. So naturally I about wet myself with excitement over this posting after a 102 degree day. THEN I actually READ the coupon, valid in pretty much every state EXCEPT TEXAS. Now I feel like the left out kid that nobody wanted to pick on the playground. Anyway, while you sip that frosty cold Jamba think of me as I am gonna go bury my head in a bucket of ice.

I have been in 118 degree weather before and a bucket of ice would have been great. The best part of that weekend is we were on a river trip on the Cache Creek in California. Lots of splashing water going on.