Need a new pole! What do you use?

I just broke my 12ft no name pole cleaning a sky light, the scrubber fell full of dirty water on the client with couch… big mess… lucky I put scrims on it before starting though.

So I need a pole and am looking between the garelick and the etorre 12 or 15ft.

What do you guys use and why. Is the locking system of the garelick that good?

I been watching Mark video but I am not sure yet.

Thanks for the fedbacks

I primarily use Unger tools, so I use Ungrr poles with locking tips.

Prior to starting my business, I purchased Unger gear at my local janitorial supply to clean my own windows and have stuck with them.

All of our poles are the ettores from home depot. Pretty happy with them. The only problem i have is the little ball bearing has broken looseon all ofthe 16 footers.

We use Unger poles with the locking cones. We have used them for 3 years now and only had to replace one cone. I’ve tryed a few other poles not sure of the names I prefer Unger.


I like the Unger poles, they work great, are light, and easy to use. Lately I’ve been using a garelick pole and like it; however, if you do a lot of fanning on a pole I wouldn’t recommend it since the act of twisting the pole when fanning can loosen the lock, which is super annoying.

We use mostly Garelick poles. They loosen up when you spin them clockwise so you have to be careful when scrubbing or if you fan. I cut the screw tip off and added Ettore cones to all our poles since we use Ettore tools, primarily. If you’re only going to use the pole occasionally to do a skylight or two or to clean a single storefront, an Unger pole will do. But if you’re going to be extending it and retracting it frequently, the Garelick poles are definitely faster. Plus, if you have any very technical work, the lack of an external collar on the Garelick poles helps you slide your hands down the pole easily.

Cant go wrong with Unger or Ettore been using both for 25 years.

Unger. It’s all I have used in 7 yrs of cleaning glass. I don’t care for the new locking tip design, I guess I’m too used to the old tips. But in that regard I have bent channels from them falling 2 1/2- 3 stories.

Garelick by far. I HATE collars on a pole

Same here, we user Garelick poles.

I prefer wood poles or one piece lightweight metal poles with a sectional for a backup.

I do not like carrying a heavy sectional all day long.

Garelick all the way!

Unger poles make my hands rough and are almost twice as heavy.

Once I got use to the locking mechanism I haven’t gone back to Unger.

I use the 18 and 24 foot poles almost daily and my wife is happy with me now.

Unger baby!

unger it is. Thanks folks

People Love Garelik… We have them on sale this quarter:

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Personally though I am a big fan of the Unger Tele Plus series.

I love how you can add and take away from the length. Its kind of like a build a pole kit.

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I completely agree!
Especially for the way I pole (think “reverse pool cue.”)

We use 8 foot and 24 foot.

SimPole in and outside.

SimPole in and outside.