Need a quick Vote, building ADA handicap accessible Swing Set

[COLOR=#333333]Alright I need help from all of the great people here. My Rotary club is in the process of getting ready to build my counties 1st and only Handicap Accessible Swing Set. This is a great service project that is going to bring smiles to many kids in my area. I submitted a video to a contest that a local telecom company just recently started, the wining video gets $2500.00. That will help us reach the roughly $12,000 needed for this project. The video can be voted on once an hour per IP address so please put it in your favorites and vote often. Here is the link to the page with the videos [/COLOR]
Big River Broadband Video Contest

[COLOR=#333333]Our video is Titled 1st ADA Approved Swing Set.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]Thanks All.[/COLOR]

Very cool, Curtis.

we have shot up to number 1 already but we have to keep that momentum going. County of 65,000 people and it is at least a 45 minute drive to the nearest handicap accessible swing set. Not for long!

That’s awesome of you to think of. One of my best friends is in a chair and I hear from him the struggles of living in a chair. From what I understand its pretty tough. You are gonna make some kids real happy. :smiley:

Well we are now down by roughly 200. We originally thought that the video that was beating us was uploaded from the telecom company and was being ran up by them, if you watch the video you will see why I thought that. Well one of the other Rotarians in my club made it a point to “run in to” one of there supervisors to question them about it and come to find out it really is just a video uploaded from a regular person wanting to win the money. The supervisor eluded to the fact that the CEO of the company had seen our video and was very interested in what we were raising the money for, he thinks that the CEO would kick more money in if we won the contest. So with all that we are firing back up the voting machine to try and narrow the gap. So please take a second and add the page to your favorites and to your phone and vote, vote, vote, vote!! Thanks!!