Need a service manual for IPC Eagle Hydro station. Disappointing experience

If anyone has or knows where I can find a service manual for the IPC Eagle Hydro Station and would like to share with me please do. I recently purchased the system from WCR along with a WFP. I hate to say it but the whole purchase has been pretty disappointing all around. I am not one to complain but it wasn’t the best experience especially for the amount of money I spent. Long story short because I can make it long, my Hydro Station came incomplete missing two hoses and reels, the station was updated to a new version which I was never told that can only fit 3 reels on it not 4 (luckily I only bought one extra reel), there is now no service manual available. After notifying the company of the system being incomplete WCR said they send the hoses and reels. Over a week later I get a box with 1 reel with the yellow low pressure hose, and a red garden hose laying on top. So 2 hoses and only 1 reel. Once again I notify them. Following Monday I am told the other reel went out. I asked for a tracking number which I never got. Another week goes by following Monday I am told I’ll have it Wednesday. Get the package and see it was sent 2 day. So it really didn’t ship the week before like I was told. Now 6 weeks later I have all the equipment that I paid for. Not exactly what I thought I was getting but not much I can do about that. So now being newer to the business, being new to pure water cleaning, and having a more complex set up without a manual is just frustrating. I had help over the phone about my pole set up which was pretty helpful, but using the machine and now I have to set up 2 reels and figure out where they are suppose to connect is pretty crappy. I didn’t realize I was building my own unit. I spoken to WCR and IPC and they don’t seem to be on same page. IPC says they haven’t updated the manual. How can you sell this without it? Now I have had jobs I really wanted to use it for and couldn’t. Just wasn’t happy about the whole thing and now need to figure this out myself or over a phone conversation. I’ll move forward but for sure have a bad taste in my mouth from this.

@Vincent Cameron

Hey Vincent

Im sorry for your poor experience. I have been kinda following it in the background the past couple of weeks as Alex and John have been working with IPC trying to get it rectified for you. It sounds like a couple of things all went wrong at the same time.

I will personally check with IPC in a couple of hours when they open up.

I know its tough doing it over the phone. If your interested maybe we can go completely through it today via Skype or FaceTime? So we are looking at the same thing.

Please let me know I am anxious to help you get this resolved.

thanks again for your order, and patience.

I’m sorry about your troubles. My experience is that IPC does not seem to care about individual customers, only large distributors. My details were different from yours, but the way you described IPC’s handling of it are remarkably similar to the way they “worked” with me - promised shipments that were not sent, promised but unreturned phone calls, etc. The frustration to me is that their equipment is well-built. But their service and support are terrible. I will think twice before I ever buy anything that they are involved with again. WCR helped me work through a problem with them. Without Chris & Alex’s help, my problem would have simply been ignored.

I would encourage you to let WCR help you. Once you get your gear up-and-running, you will be happy with its performance.

Hey Vincent

I just emailed you a spec sheet, mini manual I just received from IPC. I spoke to the senior manufacturer of the product and he is going to personally walk you through it today. Im going to reach out to you in a few minutes.

They are just a large company, they really aren’t set up for one on one customer support like we are. They make so many products, you would never believe it. They are even the ones that make Sorbo handles!

Being a large company aside, they do make the best stuff… So it can be a bit of a trade off. Either way we are here to help whenever needed.

I appreciate it Chris. I guess when I started the business I knew buying a system would take awhile being the investment is big. So when I was able to I know I had accomplished a lot and I was very excited about it. It won’t take away what I have done, just wish the experience was better. I understand things happen. John has been great providing valuable information. In the end their were changes with the system he was not aware of. Also he was not aware they took the service manual away. I hope I can run two poles from it like we thought. i appreciate it.

I just literally left you a message, give me a ring if you can 1-862-266-0677 - or when you get some free time. Im getting this all resolved for you by days end.