Need Advice ASAP (Flooding)

That’s not what i said. Your talking about two different things. One is a customer asking you for COI to see if you have insurance to move forward with a job, which rarely happens with residential Been in business for 12 years and it happened twice. Yes both times I sent them a COI. The other is giving them your insurance info because they accuse you of something you didn’t have anything to do with.
To me it’s admitting guilt
Good luck with that with me. I’ll see you in court if you decide to go that route. If it was my fault , then yes here is my info , Unless I decide to pay out of pocket.

My insurance adjuster took over for me when a customer claimed I stood on his water spigot and it leaked water all over the backyard. Nope, didn’t happen. I did notice it when I was cleaning his windows next to the spigot. I went to the street and turned off his water and called him right away (they weren’t home). He had a plumber come out and fix it for over $900 and wanted me to pay for it, saying I stood on his spigot to reach his windows. I used a ladder all along the back side of the house so I called him a bold faced liar and I will forward his contact information to my insurance company - so yea, technically I didn’t hand over my insurance info, but my adjuster asked for my side of the story then handled the rest with the BFL. Never heard from him again. Even if I did after that lie about me standing on it, he was fired.

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Yeah but if you had stood on it and broke it accidentally then insurance would cover you. It’s the same as when a ladder falls on a window…that’s covered.

Whats not covered is damage on surfaces you’re actively working on (as I understand it). Like scraping and damaging glass. I’m not sure if cleaning with wfp an open window would count…

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Soo…if one of those clients that you gave a COI to made false accusations, what, you’d demand your information back? Insurance carrier info isn’t secret information. Like was said by others above, let them deal with it. It’s not up to us to determine whether or not we were at fault. We know when we’re not, and insurance is likely to say we weren’t even if we contributed partially in some way. They’re going to fight it as much as you ever will, that’s their #1 job.

I know it depends on state, but as I understand it the required process in the case of a traffic accident is to exchange insurance info, and move on if possible. Your insurance can’t fight for you if you don’t involve them, and if you don’t trust them to do that, you probably need a different carrier TBH. This shouldn’t be any different. That said, unless it’s about $5k+ in damages, I’m not even thinking about running it through the insurance…explain why it wasn’t us, give them a refund, etc. If they ask for the insurance, they can have it, but I’d also tell them they’ll have better results dealing with me, lol.

I’ve seen water running down a hose not firmly connected to an inside janitorial closet that soaked the floor and also an outside spigot that somewhere on the inside was causing a leak while in use. Is the room depicted with water in the floor a perimeter room near the spigot you used? (if you used one)

It’s principle to me that’s all. If I fell asleep In my truck for a week and left the WFP on , and actually really flooded there basement , then yes here’s my insurance info.
No reason for them to be calling my insurance company in this particular case. Your wasting everyone’s time.
Especially when I’ve explained to you maybe one cup of my water if that got in.
If they had my insurance, because they asked for CIO and called i’d be Pissed , then to me your looking to scam Someone. JMHO !
But you make valid points. I get what your saying

Looks to me that there is a leak in their plumbing, not yours.

The question is if there was a spigot near that window, are you responsible as the person who unknowingly plugged your WFP into that spigot?

Let insurance handle it. They’ll know how to proceed.