Need beta users for new window cleaning software

Hi everyone!

If I have posted this in the wrong section, please feel free to move it (or tell me to) the appropriate section, as I did not see one that fit this particular purpose.

I am a software developer that has been working on a web app for window cleaners. I am looking for some beta users to test/use this software for me and provide feedback/bugs/enhancements. Why would you care to help me? Because I will provide the service of the app for free to the beta users for a limited amount of time. The app is a web based product that can work on any device (i.e. desktop, phone, tablet, etc.). If I have intrigued anyone, here’s a list of what the app aims to accomplish:

Store/retrieve/edit customers and their information, essentially a customer/address book.
Store/retrieve/edit “blueprints” of houses (more on this below).
Create quotes for customers and houses.
Create jobs for customers based off quotes.
Monitor paid/unpaid invoices generated from completed jobs.

While you might have all of these capabilities in various products, this app combines them all into a tool that can be accessed on the go or at home. The real big benefit to this is the “blueprint” of the houses you can create. Basic information such as how many stories, a total window count, estimated completion time, window existing issues, overall difficulty, etc. are properties that are saved to this blueprint. You can also upload pictures of the house.

If anyone is interested in this opportunity, please email me at



Is this Oliver’s software?

Whats the URL?

@SqueegeeNinjaNJ: I’m not sure what Oliver’s software is, but no, this is 100% built/hosted/maintained by us. By window cleaners, for window cleaners.

@Boss: You will not be able to view or use anything on the site without a username and password. There is no landing page as of now, it’s purely functional, so you would immediately be redirected to a login page. There isn’t much to see unless you plan to use the app.

It would be good to see some samples first as I use a really good program at the moment it would be good to see what your offering

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