Need Extra $? Deliver Pizza

I am so glad we have experts to show us the absolute best ways to survive a tight economy :rolleyes:

I believe that this list is mostly aimed at people working for the man and are afraid of their own job security and managing their personal debt.

But still, there are some good suggestions on there. I’m currently doing #31 - Paper Route. Between 3AM & 6AM I deliver papers with my wife. What kind of money can you make delivering papers these days you ask? Well, it more than pays for my mortgage and a few bills. :slight_smile: How many people are losing their house these days? :wink:

At least they didn’t list window cleaning!:wink:

Thank God for that!

Are you putting your compnanies flyers or postcards in witht the papers?

Is that legal or ok w/ the newspaper company? If so than that would be a great idea…get payed by another company for distributing your flyers.

Some kid who did a paper route called me up a while back and offered to place my flyers in with his newspapers, I paid him either 5 or 8 cents a pop, I can’t remember. I posted on here about it though.
It was worth it for sure. He moved though.

It’s not my target area. Middle to low income. Also I wouldn’t anyway. Technically I’m not an employee, I’m an owner/operator of the route but I do have a contract and they could terminate it because of this sort of thing.

You couldn’t pay me enough money to deliver pizza.

I’ve done it… Not so bad, but you smell pizza 24/7… Made some serious money though for working very little.

If things don’t pick up soon, I might be joining Mark delivering papers!


I would deliver papers If I needed to.

However, my commercial window cleaning keeps me busy year round, so I’m not starving in the winter.

Plus, my wife makes good coin, so that also helps.