Need feedback on bid

I recently quoted a Chick-fil-a restaurant. They have a cleaner already, but they said they’d be interested in a quote. I was given their current agreement, not including prices. They have 65 windows cleaned on a rotating biweekly basis. 43 windows cleaned inside and out on 1st cleaning rotation, 22 cleaned inside and out and 15 cleaned outside only on the next rotation. I priced it @ $1.30 in/out and $1.00 OO per window for a total of $121.50 +tax.

I haven’t heard back from the operator, but I realized that the email I got with their current arrangement came from a different email address than in her signature so I just sent the estimate again to the updated address. Does this seem like a reasonable estimate?

is it $121 per stop or for the 2 stops together making it 121 for the month? Here the market is about $1 per side for store front and route stuff like that. Some charge less and some charge more than me as well.

It’s $121 per month. The one storefront I got a few weeks back told me I was more than their previous cleaner, but they didn’t like him because he kept raising the price. I charge them $1.5 outside and $1 inside. I do the inside weekly and the outside once per month in the Winter. Still trying to figure out the market price, but I want to be on the upper end.

If I get it then $121 isn’t great money for probably 3-4 hours work per month, but hopefully I can speed that up as I get more proficiency.

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I just turned down a chick fil a…they didn’t want to pay what it was worth. something like 150 in and out 75 outside only…

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Think that i bid something similar and never heard back. When I put the bid in i asked either this forum or a facebook group if I was in range of what they were making and was basically told that If I landed the job that I “am their hero.”

Think you may be too high

The chick fil a that opened up last year by me was doing something similar, but the current cleaner’s prices were about half that… same cleaning schedule as well.
Outside only was like $40-45
In/out was in the $65-70 ball park

They want to meet next week to discuss further. Probably too much, which isn’t a big deal.


The are paying I would say |$75 a month and not happy with the job they are getting. Wounder why?

My wife is aquatinted with the owner so I think she is doing us a favor more than she is unhappy with the current cleaner.

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Was that the westboro one or worcester?

Westborough, I think that’s the only other chic fil a location in MA other than the one out in Chicopee

Thats the same one I bid on. Way overbid!

I thought that Worcester had approved one last year some time but wasnt sure. Never seen one there

I shouldnt say over bid. My price was fair. They wanted me to under bid

I know that momentum is the key for a startup, but I have limited time to invest. My business is on the side for me and I’d rather spend my time finding my niche. I definitely see the benefit of consistent route work, but more and more it seems that it isn’t the right fit for me at this time.

I haven’t really spent much time nailing down my goals, but I think my business will best serve me with small to mid-size commercial buildings and residential jobs that pay well.


Should I bow out politely? The operator just emailed me to arrange a meeting next week. I don’t want to waste their time or mine. I replied and asked if there was a concern about the price quoted. I think this can be negotiated via email, but I can’t see going below $1 per surface for $102 +tax.

Go to the meeting, it’s around the corner of your house so won’t waste too much time. If they want a lower price, ask them which window’s don’t need to be done. Also, if your model is going to be commercial and residential, you might as well get this for the price you want and if you don’t get it, then eh, wasn’t going to fit your model anyway.

I like what Jared suggested.

Well, that went well! I start servicing Chick-fil-a next month! Super cool lady!



DId you have to waiver on your price at all?

It didn’t even come up. That will teach me to make assumptions, huh? She even bought me lunch! :slight_smile: