Need Flyer Template

Hi, I want to create a quality commercial flyer. Not an amateur black and white piece. To be honest, I am sick and tired of pussyfooting with the low balling, uninsured, unprofessional window cleaners in the area. I want to go for the juglar, and knock them out of the picture, if possible. I know everyone has a right to earn a living, but let’s all be on the same playing field. I want my flyer to mention a few things such as:

  • Is your window cleaner insured which protects your business should an accident occur?
  • Does your window cleaning service collect sales tax as requied by state law?
  • If your service has employees, are they covered under worker’s compensation?
  • Is your cleaner professional, or does he/she have cigarette hanging out of their mouth while cleaning your windows? ( something I see often)
  • etc.
    Sick of the piece of sh**'s out there ruining it for the rest of us trying to do it right.
    Anyway, does anyone have a template they can share with me?
    My email:
  • Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, & Dryer Vent Cleaning
    Freeport, Fl.

Window Cleaning Postcards

I just saw something like this…I believe it was on kevin… the $600/hr guy’s blog page or something. It was a flyer that looked like a check list then at the bottom was a call to action. I’ve never put out a flyer like that myself but it would catch the eye at least. I’ll give a quick look for it

Edit. No, it was on his book’s excerpt about 3/4’s of the way down.

Totally wrong direction for this flyer.

Why ask about another window cleaning service?

Your mindset is you are pis-ed off at these unprofessional
window cleaners. Keep in mind these “piece of sh-ts” have
the jobs you are having a hard time getting.

They might have got the jobs because the businesses are
too cheap to pay for a high quality service.

Remove your personal feelings before writing any ads.

Find out what the owner/manager’s problems are and
try to solve them. If they hate the window cleaner, they’d
fire them.

There is many more where they came from…

Agreed! - While your at it, try to remove the personal feelings from anything business related.

hi you guys , hope all is good over the pond ha ha.

hi you guys , hope all is good over the pond ha ha.

hi you guys , hope all is good over the pond ha ha.