Need help buying equipment?

I would like to buy some 14" and 18" Squeegee’s, Bucket on a belt and T-bars with sleeves. The problem is I don’t know wich one to buy. Can you guys point me in a good direction on brand and model?


I like the ettore contour pro for the ability to set it to 0 degrees. Other than that they are about the same

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Are you doing storefront, commercial or residential?


12" & 16" wagatail. I like the yellow orbital ones… though, I haven’t tried the pivot control ones yet. For residential, I like a 12" scrubber. 18" is too big for a lot of the New Englad window I clean. Out west, a lot of homes have big casement windows and slider windows. Maybe then a 14" or 18" scrubber. I like a swiveling scrubber for a lot of situations where you are using a pole and there are obstacles in front of the windows. Even if you are just using the scrubber and squeegee in your hand, I think the swiveling option will put less strain on your wrists, elbows and shoulders.

I like using an extension pole for vaulted ceiling windows. You could bring ladders in (if you have sectionals then it’s easier) but it’s a pain. I think the extension pole method is easier and just as high of quality.

You’ll definitely want a boab for indoor work. Maybe a drip guard for it. I would suggest getting a bottle holder for your web belt so you can out a squeeze bottle full of solution for interior cleaning. I find that is easier than lugging a bucket around indoors where you can accidentally slosh.

Get a razor as well. I like the ettore 4" razor. I find the blades are much easier to change than some of the 6" inch ones. Many people prefer triumph razors.

If you are in Arizona, you are cleaning in a very dry environment. I would go with an Unger Monsoon sleeve.

Just my two cents, hope it helps.

A zero degree squeegee is also nice to have. Don’t use it as much now that I have wagtail.

wagtail angle arm is nice to have.

We use clipless channels for our squeegees because we prefer not using the end clips. As far as the sleeve, we use the microfiber from ettore or pulex; they seem to have good scrubbing capability and hold water well. We also prefer Boabs that have slots for more than one squeegee. Just some thoughts based on our experience. Much of it is personal preference and most equipment will work just fine to get you out there cleaning glass. Good luck!

Thanks for all the good info. Is there a squeegee that will work better in hot temps? Should I use hard of soft rubber?


Adam give us a call if you like we can help with your purchase decision - 1-862-266-0677

Thanks Chris! I will be call you today.



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