Need help figuring out the best way to bid this large resi job

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I made a call to a local cleaning lady who does not do windows. She told me that she is in the process of bidding on a large amount of condos. The link above will give you an idea of what they are looking to do. She’s not a HUGE cleaning company, she runs 1 crew of four people. She does amazing work though.

My question is how do i bid on something like this? Theres so many different styles of condos, different window needs, and so on and so fourth. Should i tell them my hourly rate and set it in stone for a days worth work or something, charge by individual house, charge by model? Having this account will allow me to hire on full time employees so i would really like to get this account.

How do you folks go about something like that?

Well, she is only bidding at this point, so I wouldn’t give it more than a passing thought.

Give her some approximate per-unit costs, flat rate, not per-window.

Small $
Medium $
Large $

As in

Small$ means one that doesnt require a lot of work


large$- 1st time cleanings scrubbing/stain removal type

Is that what you mean by that?

No he means one bedroom, two bedroom, 3 bedroom? The amount of work required to do different sizes of those condos or are they all the same? They actually look nice and easy to do.

Prolly size-specific, not level of service.

Ok, thats easy. I think it could be a really great oppurtunity and would pretty much allow me to expand into a at least 2 crews. 2 WFP working from 1 machine on the outsides and crews on the inside. Would be a well greased machine :slight_smile:

What kind of specific range do you think you guys would go with? The jobs are small jobs, and its tracked condos so theres nota whole lot of variation. It’s close to the ocean but i got my WFP technique down now to banish windows of all debris.

I think a WFP could give me edge over the comp during bidding too cause it doesnt use chemicals and everyone is lookin to be green. So close to the ocean it is super important to ensure no runoff though.

go to the apartment manager drop this chicks name say shes biding and you heard they wanted a bid for window. ask the manager how many 1,2 and 3 bedroom units they have ask to see one of each figure out the cost per and give them a firm quote.what is unit access to the windows and calculate your time for each different unit bid outside. out side plus screens and then an inside price. ask if their looking for stain removal or just wash them and get it done with. Ask if they have a budget in mind. when was the last time they were washed.Do you remember what they paid. are they looking to do yearly every 6 months what. The more questions you have the more professional u will seem. NEVER bid hourly. I make 75 to 100 per hour. if I tell people that they would never have me do their windows. Thier thinking “ive never made $100 an hour why should he” Then they might also think hes going to take 4 or 5 hours to clean this im not paying that. If you really want it bid low. Id rather work than not work.

well heres what i got so far to bring to the table. Anything you think i should add lay it on me. Thanks for all the great advice. I hope to get this job. Everyone knows that area and it would really bring me to another level in my business.

  1. Need to see each unit

  2. What level of cleaning. Best approach is to do one with stain removals scraping , screen cleaning, track cleaning once then regular scheduled cleanings consisting of a outside only (depending on the level of dirt buildup) cleaning either every 4-6 months then another inside out

  3. How often do cleanings need to be done

  4. Water access. Do I need to bring my own water or can i hook up to the condos

  5. When was the last time they were professionally cleaned. How much did it cost

  6. Whats the budget and who’s fitting the bill

  7. Are these vacation rentals and just need cleaning after guest leave

Bids will be based on individual models and level of first time cleaning. After first time cleaning windows will all be flat rate based on model.

As mentioned before Think Clean Windows only employs clean cut professionals. I have several part time/independent contracted employees and am looking to hire them on full time. This would allow me to do so.

Using the latest in window cleaning technology, we offer the greenest solution to your outside window cleaning. We distinguish our self from other companies in that we do not need to use chemicals for outside cleanings. A waterfed pole uses a 5 stage filtration system including a de-ionzation chamber to bring the Parts Per mIllion to 0. This means that when windows dry they dry spot free and streakless. As an added bonus the frames that are surrounding the window will be cleaned also. It is proven technology and there is no sacrafice in quality compared to traditional cleaning techniques.

We do require a scratch waiver be signed prior to working on any residency or business. This is standard practice in the industry and only protects my company from scratches that already exist on windows, and scratches due to installation, fabricating debris. However it does not cover in the case that a window is broken due to our negligence. For example if i turned and had a pole in my hand and put it through the window i would be fully liable for that.

We have add ons such as finishers that we can appply to windows that will help keep them clean longer. People opt to get this when they live close to the beach so they do not require cleanings as often. It also means that the windows are better proteced from the elements. (demonstrate)

When I use GG4 (a chemical), I truthfully state that it is “green.”

If she is bidding on all the units, youll have to look at it. If shes just offering it on a nit by unit basis… Just make her up a window price sheet, based on a few different types of windows they have there. Tell her what yo want per window, and authorize her to tack on what ever she wants for herself above your price.


Her name is Gabriella but the person that im talking to now is Eric. Have not called. Im not going on Tuesday to give a bid though. Im going to take my time and do it right. If i dont get the job… theyre loss. Its a fairly upper crust type neighborhood and I’m sure they would appreciate not having poorly groomed 15$ an hour window cleaners peering in through theyre windows and on theyre property. I was talking to my friend and she was saying she lives in high rise and she had never locked the lanai doors because shes on the 12th floor but after seeing the window cleaners she locked them lol.

Thanks Larry, yes Joe, I meant size-wise, categorize them as small, medium, or large.

Hope you get it. Keep us posted.