Need Help Getting Insurance

Hey Guys,

I’m posting this here as no one seems to post under the insurance section.

I need help finding an insurance company that provides general liability coverage to a brand new window cleaning business that will do residential only up to two stories (ladder work).

I have tried Safeco, State Farm, Farmer’s Insurance and All State. State Farm doesn’t write these policies, Safeco requires that you be in business for three years, Farmer’s is asking $2,000 a year for $500K in coverage and All State is asking $675 a year but requires the FULL amount up front.

I am going to start passing out my fliers next Tuesday and would like to have insurance in place by then. I’ve got everything else I need (business license, pro equipment, kick ass fliers, etc.)

Can anyone recommend an insurance company that satisfies ALL of the following requirements:

  1. Accepts monthly payments for premiums.
  2. Is around the $500-$700 range per year. I don’t care if it is $500K or $1 million just something that is reasonable to pay monthly.
  3. Allows someone who is brand new to the window cleaning business with no prior experience. This has been the hardest part to get past.

Thanks for your help. I was hoping to go with Safeco but they have that 3 year requirement. If you have a particular agent that you deal with, please provide their name and number. By the way, I am located in the state of Nevada.


Bryan, do you have an insurance agency that you have you personal insurance through ie. car, home life etc. Thats the best place to start. If not I know we have Travelers Insurance for liability etc and AIM for workmans comp… I dont know their requirements but you may want to try them.

I would try a different broker. I got a 2 million dollar liability policy through safeco the day I started my business. I go through Brooke insurance. I also have 1 million commercial auto liability through travelers but bought through Brooke. For workers comp I had to go through our state workers insurance program.

I go through American Family (I only do residential)

I was able to find an independent agent who quoted me $719 on a $1 million policy through Safeco. I have no idea why going through him allowed me to forgo the three years of experience.

Unfortunately, it has to be “financed” through another company in ordered to pay monthly. 14% interest. Craziest **** I’ve ever heard. Regardless, I will get the rest of the details on Tuesday and hopefully be able to rock and roll. Want to have it in place before handing out fliers.

I really don’t understand why commercial insurance doesn’t allow monthly payments like car insurance. The other place I contacted said they require 25% up front and then 9 installments. Does this change once you have a history with the insurance company?

If anyone has a specific agent that they deal with that allows monthly payments without having to pay interest and their quote is close to mine, let me know. You can email me the info if you prefer. Again, I live in Nevada so I’m not sure how much the premiums fluctuate from state to state. I’m doing residential only up to two stories.


I pay like $17 a month… screw that deal they are giving you.

I guess due to some of the high work i do (scissor lift etc.) and annual gross receipts is why im hovering around 2 grand a year?

On a brighter side of things im shopping it this year once again in hopes of getting a little break (any is better then none):wink:

I use Sweeney & Sweeney in Chico, CA for Safeco Business Insurance ( ) in the $500 range.

Find a Safeco agent:

I left a message for Tyler Hicks at Sweeney and Sweeney this weekend. Hope to hear from him tomorrow. Llaczko, is the $500 a year for $500K or $1 million in coverage?

I’ve used the safeco search and the agent I found called me twice saying he would get a quote and never called back. I’m not going to go with the other agent that said I would have to finance the premiums.

Llaczko, are you paying for your premiums monthly, quarterly or annually? Was this $500 a year policy the same amount you paid when you first started your business?


Tyler is a nice guy.

You can pay over time – they have a $6.00 per month installment fee, and will bill with a monthly minimum – but paying in full is least expensive. The billing is directly from Safeco.

My premium has decreased over time.

Hi, when I first started I could not find anyone to insure me. However, I did meet Brian Mattila at a NJ window cleaning seminar and he was able to help me out. Perhaps he could do the same for you. Happy Hunting!

Brian Mattila
Buiten & Associates, LLC.
5738 Foremost Drive SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
direct phone: 616-949-8426 ext 29
toll-free: 1-800-530-9221
fax: 616-956-8057
[email protected]

I just started cleaning January of '08 and didn’t have any trouble getting insurance through Grinnell Mutual $2 million coverage up to three stories. Less than $500 a year. Later Nationwide called with an even better quote, don’t recall what it was though.
Mike I.W.C.S. Illinois Window Cleaning Service

Who is your agent?

Denny Crane.

I thought your agent’s name was Spock?

Wow, I’m paying way too much compared with most of you guys.

I’ll be shopping again soon. Can you cancel your policy without a termination fee or get another company get in touch with your provider and just switch ?

I’m being lazy this time, I admit it, since all that info should be in my policy, but if you know let me know.

$6.00 a month? Please explain… What kind of policy is this?

If you are referring to my post, please reread – the $6.00 per month installment fee is if one choses to pay monthly (without electronic deduction) rather than in full.