Need help pricing this job too!

A pressure washing company gave me a call to give them a quote. The building looks to be 3 stories. Has around 100 Pains. They want outside only. Trying to figure out how im going to do this. Im thinking i might be biting off more then i can chew.

Talked to Alex think im going to hold off on this one.

why hold off???

Don’t have the equipment to do it.

get a ladder, or borrow a pole…what ever it takes.
Don’t let this pass you. That is what makes a good business owner, the ability to take a situation and turn it into $$$. You can’t do it, then find a way.

  1. You can rent ladders (I don’t know how much they cost, never done it, but heard about it)
  2. Buy a pole or borrow one.
  3. If all else, get another WC to estimate it and sub him to do it, even if you only make $10, watch what he does and pay attention to the equipment he uses to get it done.

I don’t think you’re using all avenues there buddy.
“You can do, you can do it all night long” -Water Boy

What kind of equipment? WFP?

Do you think that roof could be walked on with Korkers?