Need help quoting with WFP

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I am just getting into working with WFP. I have a job that I would like to put in a bid but lack the experience quoting. 3 buildings, very dirty at 3 stories. theres about 200-300 windows although not very big. Ive attached some pictures for reference. How long would it take you?


If you can’t give an accurate count, no one is going to give you their price. You are making it a guessing game.

Secondly, if the third story is “really dirty” are you sure a WFP is the right equipment to clean them? Personally, being inexperienced with it, I think you should take the time to set up and clean one or two windows. Then you’ll get an idea if that’s the right tool for the job, and how long it will take you to clean them.



I’m saying it’s 270. Was hard to tell because I didnt have access around the building. I don’t so much care to know how much you’d charge but maybe get a rough estimate as to how long it would take on average to do a 3 story building with approx. 270 windows using wfp.

It really depends on the condition of the windows and the obstacles you have to work around.
You might be able to average 2-3 minutes a window, or it might be 10-15 minutes.

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I definitely see your point. The windows most likely have not been cleaned in the last 2 years :-/. I thought wf would cut some time but guess not

I have successfully done “first cleans” on windows, but it takes work. It really is dependent on what is on the glass. It also depends on the extra agitation you have available (like steel or bronze wool). Sometimes if you have a way to get soap on the window first, that will help you win too.

Not saying you can’t WFP these windows, but until you have gained experience with it, sometimes it’s best to set up and test, so you can get a handle on what you need to do.

I always bid as if I need to ladder them. Wfp might save a ton of time. It might not. Get a boars hair and it will help.


Looks like you have some factors to consider on this job. The double hung will be easy but the ones with 1/over 4 will slow you down and have potential for run marks. The 3rd flow will take twice as long as the first floor. The average double hung window takes 20 seconds to clean but you have to factor in how dirty is it and how high up you are reaching. Also those trees get in the way. Maybe do a ground floor few windows time yourself and see how long it takes and how it dries. Hope this helps.


Charge what the job is worth - if you do that it won’t matter the time involved because whether you are charging for the time and effort to clean 200 windows or 270 windows, you should have a base rate that covers the amount of work needed to get the job done. I don’t mean for that to sound in a flippant manner, I just mean that you should have a rate known to you that you need per window/ladder set.
(WFP pole or Trad, same price.)

Multiply that formula x number of windows.

Should you charge less for more windows? I wouldn’t. Big job, big pay.