Need help with bid

Hey everyone! Serious newbie here. Have a chance to bid on a commercial Job. GM wants inside and out. Have been reading several different posts on price and we are more confused than ever. I have included a few pictures of the Job. Haven’t been over to count, but know that there are quite a few that are really high (30+feet)! Also concerned with getting to the outside windows that are above the ledge. Also… if you look at the pic of the outside underneath the theater name on the left are the windows that show up in the bar picture.

Any suggestions on price?

Bright Windows


Sounds like you’re a new company. Do you have other commercial accounts? If so, how are you bidding those? What is your hourly goal? How many workers will be doing this job? How long will this take you and can you be sure you’ll be able to reach all of the windows? I assume you’ll be laddering up to these windows, or do you by any chance use “pure water” and a WFP? I don’t know where in California you are, but where I live in Arizona most of the bucket bobs and hacks couldn’t handle a job this big, but if they could they’d be bidding it around $100. I’d probably bid it at $250-300 and use my WFP (outside, and ladder up inside) to knock it out in about 2 hours (with 2 guys on the job).

The best learning curve when your first starting out it so give a number you feel comfortable with and hold on for dear life if you are awarded the contract.

I pride myself in being expensive for my services… I would be at least 2x as Streakless quote. My goal would be to get it on a quarterly account and still be 2x as much as Streakless.