Need Help with Photo

Hey Guys,

I’m sorta new to this website so Hi to all of you that I don’t know.

My name is Travis and I’m starting a WC Biz in Houston, Tx. I’ve decided to go with the name “Simply Clean Windows” and use the Tag line "It’s that simple. I just bought my domain and I’ve started to build my website. I’m having trouble finding a good graphic for the background of my website. I’d like to have something that’s a photo vs. using drawing/graphic.

Does anyone know where I can get a good one… possibly one of a nice house or maybe of someone washing windows up close - like looking thru the glass while they clean it… I dunno just something that would stand out just email me.

If anyone could help me out I’d appreciate it. Thanks so much for the help and I look forward to BS’ing with yall in the future.

-Travis C.
Houston, Tx
[email protected]

Hey Travis

Welcome to the team!

Your welcome to steal any photos from my website if you like. Just click the link in my signature. I was always very frustrated at first trying to find pictures for Mailings and website stuff.

Hi Travis,

i think it is a fine name but could you put an emphasis on what is so simple…
i.e what is so simple…working with you?..payment options? online?..window cleaning in general?..etc

if not it just kinda leaves me deflated wondering whats so simple and it becomes kinda annoying as it just niggles away at me…that’s just my perception of it…but otherwise you seem to be on to a winner

keep us updated as to how the website is coming along.

You can find photos to use for free at this site:

Do an advanced search for whatever image category you want to search. Check the usage restrictions of the photo if you find one you’re interested in, but I’ve found that most photos can be used w/o the photographer even wanting credit.


Hey Coolclay,

Clean your own windows and have someone photograph you from various positions. ie. inside view/outside view, up a ladder, etc. This way your customers will get a preview of the guy they’ll be hiring.

Hey Travis, how you doing ? I’m in Katy and have a few customers in Houston too.
I would go with not graphic background, just a solid color, but that’s just me.
Surf through as much websites as you can and that’ll give you a lot of ideas or at least get the creative juices flowing.

good luck :slight_smile: