Need help with quoting

So we recently got a decent sized job once a month for a guy in our local town that owns a lot of the prominent buildings in down town area and now he wants to use us for the rest of his buildings. All his other buildings are simple but this one…is a challenge for a 1-2 story window cleaner with no water fed pole.

It just happens to be french pane windows also, how does a WFP handle french pane windows?

How would you go about cleaning this?

We don’t currently have a WFP setup but open to getting one.

How about just using a boom lift?

I’m use to quoting 1-2 stories but no experience quoting 4 stories like this, any help? Appreciate it in advance!! (all 4 sides of building are pretty much the same)

A couple of questions that may help…

  1. What material are the windows made of? i.e. wood, vinyl, metal
  2. Do the windows on floor 3 &4 tilt in?
  3. are all four sides accessible with a lift?
  4. Are you capable of doing the third floor currently?
  1. Wood
  2. 99% sure they do not tilt in but we haven’t gone and inspected it from the inside yet.
  3. Yes, but the side that is pictured would be my only concern cus it is right there by the main street.
  4. technically yes, with a ladder


  1. Wooden framed Frenchies can be a pane(sorry couldn’t resist) for WFP. Some on here more practiced with WFP may correct me, but that has been our experience.
    2)Inspect and be 100% they don’t tilt in.
    3)Learn to work around this issue.
    4)If you can do floors 1-2-3 then price fourth floor separately. Give him one price for floors 1-3, and a separate price inclusive of renting a lift to complete fourth floor. He is a successful business man and this will make complete sense to him.
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If the window panes or painted and the caulking is in good shape then the water fed pole works great on French windows just make sure that you clean the frames really well and will save lots of time using a water fed pole You will need a 45 foot pole to access the fourth floor on this building I highly recommend that you get a full carbon pole there are many choices of poles on the market. The most popular and in my opinion the best choice would be a modular telescopic pole That way you do not have to use the full weight of the pole when doing the lower floors There are several things you need to factor in when doing this job number one is cars been parked in front of the building or on the side of the building that would get in your way when reaching to the upper floors. This would be the kind of job that you would want to do on a weekend when no one is around or traffic is much slower maybe early morning hours Please feel free to call me direct if I can help in anyway or you could also PM me


This is spot on , I’ve had trouble when the wood is stained and its faded away and its bear wood . You get the nasties dirties drips ever . If it’s been recently painted ( the French panes windows) then wfp is the way to go

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