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As I mentioned in my earlier posts I am new to Window Cleaning and don’t know much about WFP. I just got a 1 time job and top windows are about 25-30ft high. I was thinking about getting pure water system but looking at the cost I don’t want spend so much money for 1 time job but definitely considering getting one if I get more of these. I was thinking instead of buying a whole pure water system is there a way to buy only a water fed pole and combine it with chemicals that would give me about the same results as pure water system (no streak, spots etc) where I don’t have to squeegee off the access water? Not sure if I explained this right but Im sure you get the point what Im asking for. Cheaper set up but abut the same results.

Thank you very much for any input

You can get some very reasonably priced starter poles right here at WCR that will reach 30’ Less than $300. Depending on how high the tds is in the area of the job, a DI tank will get you the pure water you need. You can rent a DI tank without a lot of cash up front. I got one for $300 deposit, $15 monthly rental, and $75 when it needs to be exchanged. Call around on the tank. I had much higher quotes from other companies.

You could just save the money for next year until you have one job that pays for the whole set up.

Climb a tall ladder, save your money and get into the WFP game proper and don’t half ass it. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll make more $/hour on this one off job.

Do this job next year with a WFP set up, learn to use a squeegee and ladders before you go WFP.

Mike Radzik
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Central Massachusetts

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With all due respect for someone more experienced than me, I don’t call getting the job done with $500 worth of equipment, rather than $5000, half-ass. I call it smart business.

Yes, get the squeegee and ladder experience that you need, but that $500 worth of WFP equipment will do a lot of jobs. If you have a job now that will pay for that initial equipment, I say go for it. Then you’re in the WFP business. You can invest in more advanced equipment as your business demands it.

Mike (prowindowcleaning) has a very good point…

#1 being new to the trade
#2 WFP does not end the need for being able to go trad on a job. Comes with it’s own learning curve to be effective.

Better to get in right as mike ^said ^ Save,research,learn…
Maybe take out $50-100 per job you do till you got a nice chunk??

I got in with a initial investment of around $2100-2300. Wish i had a little more :slight_smile: But that got me in the game.

$500 will not get him in the game. Only a piece of equipment in the game… 1/2 Cube DI and a couple wfp brushes
A pole for the work he wants to use it on is more than that… No sense to waste that on a cheap aluminum pole.
When he will have to spend more later on that carbon/Hi-Mod carbon pole.

Better to go rent a 35-40 ft ladder for $35 bucks for the day…

My .02 anyway

I’m not trying to sound like a jerk, when I say half ass I am only trying to say “get the right equipment and quality equipment right off the bat for a WFP investment”

Of course you can get set up for $500-$700 on a cheap set up. I did that same thing, I wish I had waited a bit and bought a much better pole right out the gate though instead of what I got. So now I’m looking to upgrade my pole next season, which means even more money for me to spend.

If your situation allows to get the job done without a WFP I would recommend doing that, especially being a start up business. Sure WFP is awesome and a great tool, I would suggest becoming proficient with a ladder/traditional work before you go trying to learn WFP along side traditional methods.

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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I have mix feelings on this topic , so I’m going to recommend what I did. When I first started I only market’ to 1 story homes cuz I’ll had I was a step ladder, after about 3 jobs I purchased a 22 foot ladder , that enabled me to market to 2 story homes . During that time if I would come across high windows I would just pass it along and politely tell client it’s over my league . On my 4 month in biz I purchased a nice pole that I don’t think I’m going to replace or have regrets . Final point , if you got the money bye good equipment , cuz cheap stuff cost double down the line .

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I have worked many years without a Wfp set up sticked many of jobs. Through a picture up here of what your cleaning . Maybe you can stick it. Do you have a 24’ pole ? That’s the highest you would want to go to effectively clean with a stick. Why buy Water fed equipment if like you say its only for one job. your better off renting a Scissor or a boom if the job is big enough, that allows $$ for it . If its a small job, an you cant stick it, then ladder it. I agree that when you buy equipment buy the best if you can afford it . I also agree with what chaseN is saying if you just want to get in the game, then buy the cheapest pole out there for now so when your ready financialy you didn’t spend much on the pole.300 is not a lot for now good idea to rent a tank also for now it will do the job, and make you money until your ready for a carbon fiber pole.

Here’s another angle:
I do agree that if there is any way you can afford carbon fiber, buy carbon fiber. I’ve used my 35’ for over 5 years now and it’s only a few times a year I wish I had a longer one. I also bought a 25’ fiberglass. Hardly ever used it for wfp, but now I’m using it very often for indoor cleaning with Unger pads. So what I’m saying is if Northstar is insistent on getting a cheaper pole, he’d be able to use it in the future for other things as I’m doing now.
All that said, I wouldn’t be in a major hurry to go whole hog until I got the basics of traditional perfected.

I didn’t take it that you were being a jerk and I respect your opinion. (You gave your honest opinion. That’s what this forum is all about). That doesn’t mean I agree. At least not 100%. I bought the ‘cheap’ aluminum pole. Used it on the first job I got and I’m glad I have it. Having said that, I’m still real new at this. Later, I may wish I waited and spent the money on carbon fiber. But for now, I’m glad I have something and will use it every opportunity. As far as getting traditional experience, I’m sure [MENTION=37687]Northstar[/MENTION] will still have plenty of opportunities to learn, just like I will. I definitely need it so I’m not downplaying the value of nose to glass experience. But if a WFP setup, even a ‘cheap’ one, saves me time and makes me more profitable now, why not use it? Will I not need experience with a WFP as well? Why not learn with aluminum, make mistakes on it, and then invest in a top notch pole when business justifies it, and I’ve already learned some of the WFP techniques?

EDIT: I definitely agree with mike [MENTION=27673]ProWindowCleaning[/MENTION] as far as it’s better to get the right/best equipment the first time. If I could have afforded a top of the line pole, that’s what I would have bought. I struggled on the decision to buy aluminum. Sounds like I’m contradicting myself. Nevertheless I’m glad I have a WFP pole. If I need one it’s there.

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Sorry to go off topic, but what would you say is the percentage of time you’re using the Unger indoor system. Thought I could use it in a big job last week, but ended up really disappointed…Windows looked clean when I started, but using the system took forever…Not sure what I did wrong there, as I had used it on a job with FILTHY windows just a few days before. I was using brand new pads and pure DI water.

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[MENTION=37687]Northstar[/MENTION] What did you end up doing? Also do you know your TDS in your area?

I’m only about three months into using them myself. I use them on every skylight I possibly can. Unfortunately some have screens. On other yearly or better residentials I’m trying to use it all the time. On new jobs about 60% maybe.
My guy who is running my commercial routes uses it on certain hard to reach windows to save a decent amount of time and mess.

Are you using the polish pad dry, or are you putting water on it? I’m using water on the deeper knap pad and then the polish pad dry…What’s your opinion of that, and what method are you using?

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I’m doing the same as you.
I think I’ve read that the new pads (cleaning pads) can do it in one step.

Nothing yet. Not sure what TDS is yet.

Nothing yet. Not sure of TDS.

If you don’t have a tds meter, get one.

If you want a general idea of what tds is in your area, most water companies publish that info online. But it’s only general. Won’t tell you for a specific job location and my guess is that could vary tremendously.

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What area are you in ? Maybe someone here who is close to you and can let you know

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You may want to consider the Reach-it Mini. A 25 ft carbon fiber pole that comes with a DI filter and you can go right to work. As your business grows you can purchase the XT and be able to work up to 50 ft. We do offer financing which has many benefits when it come to taxes.