Need ideas for better gas management

i need ideas to manage this better. in the past i would usually meet crews at gas station to pay with card but that is not always convenient and i would sometimes get a call from across the city "hey we’re almost out of gas :confounded:

Get gas cards. Have the employees keep the receipts and turn them in at the end of the day.

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thanks, haven’t you for long time. how goes

We have a separate bank account for gas and incidentals. Each crew leader gets a debit card for it. I keep $200 or so in it at all times and replenish it when necessary.

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i am signing up with shell. cards are linked to vehicle, staff enters their pin to use. can choose gas only or gas and gas station purchase. i will go gas only. no need for receipts everything online.

If you’re in a high density population, ride a bike. I’m 7 years in and save at least $10,000 in vehicle fees for using ebikes and trailers. Our target market absolutely loves this yuppy hippy stuff.


haha thanks,i am well aware and somewhat envious of your work model. because of you i have considered bike as an alternative for some portions of my work but overall it doesn’t work for me. i think the shell card shell be ok.

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Tell them you refund all gas put in your trucks. Just give you a receipt. Simple as that.