Need ideas for my new web site!

Thanks Kevin. Will you be attending the N.E. get together?

I thought the dot org was reserved for “not for profit” organizations. Am I wrong?

I’m not sure I bought the domain cause I could, and dot com was not me i am quite the opposite of non profit

one time I made a big flow chart and mapped out every possible scenario and discovered almost all things that matter in experience aren’t realized fully until the job has been completed, which leaves lots of work for the front end to differentiate.

referral weight is clearly laid out Duct Tape Marketing for sure

No offense meant to Vince if he’s reading, but just glancing thru as a customer might, here’s what sticks just for me IMHO

easy is his word, no -est word, a little general and subjective, some expansion on that but easy starts to be like the word quality anymore

What I think Vince has accomplished well is a better attempt at establishing a personal rapport or relationship building with big pictures and a big smile

he also uses working solo to the customer’s benefit

otherwise there’s a lot that’s a lot of other places too, other websites

Again not picking at it, just discussing the attirbutes that may stand out as examples or not so much so


(I gotta say, for me personally I hate wordpress sites, their layout bugs me or something, why am I so weird and not with pack on this one?)

Ha, sorry, allow me to clarify.

UNTIL you have SOME clients, who you will amaze and delight and who will feed you free work (referrals) forever, then you need to find a way to stand out.

For the existing guys, this is a different game.

Not sure.

Thinking about it.

Probably not, at this point.


C’mon Kev I’ll let you sit in my cool truck… (I swore you have said that about your truck to clients or client’s kids in a vid or blog somewhere. Am I mistaken>?)
Thanks for your input

Ha, tempting…

Yeah I often spoke of my cool truck.

I sold it over two years ago.

Hard to believe…

cute family. nice name badge brother.

You like that;)

Well maybe at the Canada get together eh?

If such a thing transpires, sure.

I am far from an expert Kevin bust just to further understand what you are saying. Wouldn’t this be more for someone who is just getting into the business?

The reason I say this is if you take a look at All county Window Cleanings website it is by no means ‘fundamentally’ different they talk about all the same things all window cleaning companies in their area and throughout the country talk about. (100% satisfaction, free estimate insurance etc etc) This is not a critique of ACWC by the way! However, they are to my classification running a very successful window cleaning business. There are other examples of this by members on this forum.

From my perspective if you are just trying to break into the window cleaning business then yes find a way to be different add value to the market that competitors aren’t doing. A way to stand out and bring in new business. But there are many different ways to achieve your goal of trying to appeal to your customers and “what they think the ultimate window cleaning service looks like”. For example you could use your EDDM postcards appealing to the target customer and service for that area then drive them to your website and re-inforce the basic stuff (rain guarantee, free estimates, satisfaction guarantee etc). If you are out giving lunch and learns with property management companies those are ways to find out what they think the ultimate service looks like and be able to cater to it.

You use the example that the customer is going to go for the low-baller because they are offering the same thing with the same tools for less money. There are several examples in other industries where the same things could b said but i dont believe its true. There are a ton of burger places of equal quality (McDonalds, Wendys, Jack) . You know right away if you go to MCDonalds what kind of burger you are getting, but why don’t they get all the burger business?

I’m sure you are light years ahead of me in marketing I just looked at this a little differently. Thoughts?

well then perhaps it could be said ACWC is the most ubiquitous me too style biz

their differentiation is they are in everyone’s face every month like clockwork for years

they own the words ‘window cleaning’ in their service areas mind

also, there’s no challengers, no one is going to be more ubiquitous and at this point could not catch up over the years already put in

They are in a unique situation IMHO

who’s going to step up and send out 75k postcards a month for a few years and test this uniqueness for us? :eek:

even at the rock bottom “random .2%” response rate that would be 150 a calls a month (75k), that’s some serious volume right off the top

There is only one other that is getting close and getting similar good results from massive volumes, but who else is doing anything close to ACWC? you just don’t hear of it do you? Now that I think about it.

I agree Bruce, your whole statement is EXACTLY my point!!!

There are other companies that are very successful here on WCR that have less than stellar websites and they managed to break out from the pack. I’m just pointing that out!! Just a different look…

I understand your point 100%. I’ll reply when I’m off this treadmill! (literal not metaphoric)

Wow, 5 hours ago… You run on your treadmill for way too long, or did you fall and get hurt Kevin? Perhaps we should call 911 for you, or is 911 a different number in Canada? :slight_smile:

that name sucks …it sounds like your company is a pain in the a$$ to work with