Need major help for making a my website

Ive read through these forums as much as I can take and came across people saying to use microsoft small biz live to make their website and ive tried that and its soo confusing and limited with the templates/themes/ everything! Can anyone point me in the right direction / help me or anything because ive been procrastinating my biz because of not knowing how to get a presence on the web…


Wordpress, both my sites are wordpress,

Simple Glass has a nice looking wordpress site…
Window Cleaning Louisville

Both of Kevin Dubrosky’s sites are wordpress


Kevin Dubrosky

All of these are great examples of what can easily be done with wordpress.

Wordpress is easily customizable, once you have it set up.

also, make SURE you go with wordpress.ORG [COLOR=“black”]not[/COLOR]

PS I can get you set up with a website (up to 10 pages), and 2 free revisions for under $200 (You provide the graphics)

I’ll even host your site for FREE for 3 months

Are you wanting help with Microsoft Small Biz Live or just general website help. I know you could use Kompozer. That’s like a stripped down, but free, version of Dreamweaver. Or you could use wordpress, a lot of people here like using that. I prefer to make my own site (100% control over EVERYTHING). We could help out if we knew what you were looking for exactly.

I held off on switching to WP for the same reason, I was happy to learn however that you CAN customize EVERYTHING, using dreamweaver.

But for someone without extensive HTML, css, php knowledge, wordpress is great, because of how user friendly it is.

I’m actually looking at wordpress as we speak. I HATE wysiwyg editors. They never really are wysiwyg. Frustration over these editors is what brought me to learn to code myself.

I can see a website better in my head when staring at the code. But of course, that is just my preference. I know that not everyone wants to (or can) take the time to learn html, css, php,, javascript, blah blah blah. I just have no experience with wordpress so I can’t really say anything about it.

As much as I like window cleaning, I’d much rather program all the time, I guess that’s why I like doing things myself.

How did he get his site looking so good with wordpress?? Isnt that just a blog website place? Looks like a real website to me… I can’t tell the difference… any hoo… I would have no idea wtf im doing :slight_smile:

wordpress is just that versatile. Kevin’s look amazing because he chose a great theme to showcase his incredible marketing material. you can actually join his forum, download those images, tweak to suit your business and use on your own website.

And he can even design an awesome like that for you for a nominal fee.

I have a very easy to use program. no html knowledge. email me for details.

Do not pay for web hosting. here is a free web hosting company you can use. A friend of mine from the UK told me about it.

email me for the info.