Need more "likes"

Hey guys, plz check out our facebook page and like it, i’ll like yours right back! thx much! - Public Places - Savannah, TN | Facebook

I liked your page for ya,

here’s mine… I need to do some work on mine,when I find the time

liked both of you! this should be a like-a-thon thread to help boost eachother

I’ve liked both of your pages, here is mine: Viewmore Window and Gutter Cleaning | Facebook

Post your links below and I’ll like them too. BTW Cedric, your page looks good!

thx, all i do is post pictures on there though… ! i couldnt like your page so i befriended it.

I Liked the ones above, mind doing the same for me?

ok. i liked you all. i havent put the time into a facebook page yet, will get one up and going soon i suppose

That is weird, I think I fixed it now.

Viewmore Window & Gutter Cleaning - Local Business - Melbourne, VIC | Facebook Does that work now?

i was able to like it just before i posted. didnt let me ten minutes before that though

Seen you had a RAC picture in there. Do you have problems with them paying on time like I do with mine? Here’s my FB.

I’ve been cleaning their windows monthly since november and havent once been paid yet, i havent been on their a** about it yet either though… I wanted to talk to the manager last month but he wasnt there, i’ll give them a call next week… (i keep forgetting)

I’ve called their home office and they have a different person assigned to every city that they have a store in. It’s the worst accounts payable I have ever dealt with. I have 4 stores with them and have to deal with 3 different people to talk about what they owe me. My store managers are pretty cool and it’s not their fault but last year I had 3 invoices that took 10 months to get paid. I ask one of my stores if their home office would be ok if one of their customer’s took 10 months to pay on their account or would they repossess the items. He laughed.

Got everyone above, again. Here’s mine again:

Not sure good this will do, but hey, it’s worth keeping it up until we find out :slight_smile:

I liked it now,couldn’t before