Need pics for postcard

Hi there

I’m gonna have to request it here since I do have pics but nos in the required definition (300 DPI). I always take my pictures and process them when I get home, never used pictures of my work on printed media, only on websites, so I have light “weight”/reduced quality pics.

The only thing that I would need is a Before / After picture of gutter whitening, I’ve seen a few online but I think is better to ask someone here that doesn’t mind to share, than use some other person images without permission .

Remember, image needs to be high quality, because needs to be processed for printing and keep a good definition to show properly once printed.

thanks a lot in advance

You can post it here or send it to
just in case (AT= @)

When I mean “high quality” should be read as “High Resolution”


Sorry, man, don’t have anything with gutters being whitened…

No problem Kevin, thanks anyway to take the time to look at this thread.
hope you are felling better now, health-wise.

Thx man, like a bazillion bucks.

sorry dude we dont have any but there was a post i was looking at cant rember were but it was on this thread .

i have one but its from a cell phone camera, doesn’t look good. definitely wont look good on a postcard.

Jeff UK (007) has some - they are English gutters though!