Need some advice, 2 questions

  1. I have a job upcoming, she has mentioned that she has water spots that don’t seem to come off. I have not had to deal with that problem yet, what is the best way to remove those spots?

  2. Sometimes mini blinds are attached to fit almost against the window and they hand down an inch or two making it impossible for you to get that portion of the window to clean. Do you then remove the blinds to clean? What do you do?

Joie ~ N. CA

Joie, there are a bunch of hard water stain removers on the market, these are the 2 sold by WCR, I have not used either but have used others. they work with varying results, depending on how bad the Hard Water Stain is
Removing the blinds would be my last option, unless they are real easy
Usually your squeegee will fit in the gap left between the window and the blind, or the window will open down to reveal the top, or just close the blind and reach between the slats to wipe the top

Duh … I am feeling kinda stupid now that I think about it! The reason I asked this question, is because of my experience yesterday at work, needing to clean those windows after the blinds were installed, I had this problem. But now that I think about it, the reason the squeegee would not fit, is because my employer chooses to use the scrubber/squeegee combo and no doubt it will not fit. Refusing to use my own equipment, I suffer with what is given. But, when working on my own, I should not have this problem! Thanks so much for your advise on both questions.

Joie ~ N. CA

Another trick with the blinds is to take your wand cover off, put it on your squegee and slip it behind the blind. Don’t remove the blind if you can help it, you’ll work harder wrestling with those than cleaning the windows.

As for the hard water stains, it is hit and miss. A-1 works sometimes if it is’nt too bad. If it is heavy and has been on for a great deal of time, try Bio-Clean. It is hard work, like waxing a car. But it works pretty well. I’d tell the customer you can get it looking a lot better, but probably not perfect. If you get 75% of it you’re doing good.

Sometimes if you can’t get your wet bar to fit behind the blinds you can also use a sea sponge to wet the top and then squeegee. lowering the blind and inch or so helps, you can then more them slightly out of the way.

I have MDR made by Titan in the van. I have never had to use it because extra fine steel wool always seems to work. If the problem is not severe that steel wool pad should do the trick. Make sure you wipe up all steel particles because they will rust.

Joie any of these:

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