Need some advice to clean calcium off a store front

Hey guys I just got a client who owns a dentist shop, and it looks like it was dragged out if the ocean, the calcium build up is that bad! Can anyone help with some advice on what solutions to use and how to clean it, also what would you guys charge for some thing like this? It’s eight windows about and eight feet tall. It’s a pretty small dentist building.

I believe OneRestore is the ticket for HD calcium deposits.

Yeah OneRestore does work it just depends how bad the windows are if its to severe Glassrenu system works.


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frames were cleaned next.

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I echo the OneRestore. Just be sure to test a small corner to make sure there’s no adverse reaction with the glass before using. You could probably get $30 per pane or more if it’s as bad as you described. After you clean it, sell them on sealing the glass to prevent future deposits, and more $$$ in your pocket!

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Nice i like how you put the product into the pic Nice touch.


Thanks Larry and everyone else for the helpful advise now I got a good idea on what needs to be done.