Need some advise on windows that may be scratched

I was reading the scratch waiver, and it’s associated with fabrication debris. I generally only present this with CCU’s and new home cleans post-CCU. The last place I did had scratched glass on a new track-housing unit, and I pointed out the scratches upon seeing them. They were clearly not blade-induced. My scratch waiver is associated strictly with blades and FD on tempered glass.

Exactly. What happened

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My scratch waiver is much broader. Mine says that we are not responsible for any scratches on any glass surface whatsoever. There are so many variables: glass could be scratched at the factory, in transit, during installation, by bricklayers or plasterers during construction, any number of scenarios are possible. The scratches are invisible beneath a layer of dust, silicone, drywall mud, paint, you name it, and when you clean the window and the sun shines through, voila, the scratches are revealed in all their glory and the homeowner / contractor comes along and says; “I know those scratches weren’t there before”. Now you are behind the 8 ball, trying to prove that it wasn’t you.
If you limit yourself to FD on tempered glass, you are assuming the burden of determining which glass is tempered, as well as ensuring that all non-tempered glass is completely scratch-free, a virtually impossible job in a CCU situation.
In the 15 years I’ve been in business, I can’t remember losing a CCU job because someone refused to sign my waiver. I also have a pre-prepared FD info packet that I leave with them if they are interested.

At the end of the day it’s about keeping the client happy and coming back. Although the marks were between the glass and not us, we did provide the client a complimentary exterior window cleaning. The client was very happy with us and provided referrals.