Need some help Concrete calcification

Does anyone know how to remove
Concrete calcification

from concrete?

Don’t you have to dig it out and replace it?

no but some of what i’ve read shows it’s hard to do. It’s colored concrete with white haze in certain spots.
No one has had this?

Weve had concrete AND stucco we removed and had a stain left over. used steel wool and some of j flints hard water stain remover.

Is the concrete sealed? Sometimes sealed concrete has water trapped under the sealer which causes a white haze.

Are you sure it’s calcium? Sometimes people just explain it as calcium because that’s what it looks like. In reality tho, it could be white scum, lime, efflorescence or a few different things, like Clark mentioned.

You’ll probably need to do a test. First thing I would try is onerestore, 50/50 mix with water.