Need some help getting started..HELP

Im not looking to bust Chris’s balls. Here what happens with my long posts. I type out, make corrections and then they just wont post. After about 5 minutes of trying I dont bother how they look anymore. I’m just happy it will allow me to post. But most of the time the page times out. Sorry guys.

Type a long post in MS Word or Notepad, then reply with copy-and-paste.

or just keep it short. I hate winded posts…

I am in the same boat you are!
I have put out a ton-o-fliers and used bullitin boards in title companies. I have just recently begun to market to Realtors. They are keeping me busy. I marketed with the angle “A bright home sells faster and for more money”. I talked to them about being a peice in the staging of new listings and use my service to give as a closing gift (keeps me in the door). I did offer a discount for the closing gift and it is only exterior. I am booked through the end of May in 3 days.

Cure for the winter blues.
"Bust your ass in the summer go surfing in the winter"
I’m still working on this myself

Greater words are rarely spoken in this forum. Establish a clientel(even if some are freebies). Encourage them to talk and refer you). Now fly grasshopper!

Ask your happy customers to think of 2 people right now that they can refer you to. Ask them to be a trumpet for you. While your canvassing the commercial customers, with winter work in mind, maybe ask about their building maintenance. I clean an office in my dinky town. I wake at 4am, I’m home by 6am, 5 days a week and it grosses $3,500 per month. It’s my bread and butter in the winter.

When talking to potential customers refrain from talking about YOU. Talk about the benefits they will receive from your service. It’s their image that’s on the line after all.

Be prompt…Johnny of the job. Return calls right away. Show up to bid same day if possible. Show up for the appointment on time and if you have to be just 5 minutes late call them to let them know.

I drive a jallopy jungle vehic but I dress nicely and have a clean shave and military hair cut. If you look trustworthy people will trust you in their home.

If you have a chunk of change approach WFP cautiously. I’d be inclined to use $ as an emergency fund to get me through lean times while establishing my business.

Go get 'em!