Need some help guys & gals

I’m bidding on a hospital job, 3 separate buildings…wanted some opinions on the attached pics (the black tinted windows): theres 380 panes on the 2 rounded sides and 144 panes on front section , we’re using a 60 lift/wboom and a scissor lift. This is just a section of one of the the buildings. Wanted to know what you guys and gals thought and see if I’m in the ballpark…Thanks so much, I appreciate your help!

Protecting the grass from rutting by the lift , can be a real PITA
Assuming, you have extra staff to move plywood or something to drive the lift over, Then 2 guys should be able to clean what you have pictured in a day,

You didnt say if its in and out or just out. If Its just out, and in my area, I would bid $2,300 plus cost of lifts.

hey hows it going? thanks for the reply.:slight_smile: Its just outs, I figured a few hundred higher, but there are a few more windows that i didnt put in my attachments and I’ll add my lifts onto that price. So I think i’m in the ballpark…

60 ft is not going to cut the job. They don’t extend stright up and you would not want one too anyway. It would be unstable. I would look into a 80 or even 100 for that gig. The grass looks nice, prepare the customer for the shock of potential damage to it. But hey it grows back with seed. If you don’t have harnesses ask the boom company to provide them for you, and most will do it free of charge. The sizzor lift is a no brainer, you don’t need a harness in one but wear it anyways. Check with your insurance company to see if you are covered for equipment and if so you can save yourself up to 14% addtional charges on the lift cost. If you run the thing out of gas, dont fill it back up. Only get enough so they can start it and put it on the truck. You wont be given back money for any gas you put in the lifts. Tell the lift company you need the lifts for 1 week, even if you dont. My sizzors cost $175 per day and $300 per week. Do the math. Leave it sit in the parking lot if you have to.

But for a job like this I would WFP this one and save the money on the lifts. I would shoot for about $3500.00

Thanks for the advice. I’m coming in around $3000 plus the lifts. The 60’ extends out which I 'll need to access a corner section above a stairwell. I didnt know about the discount for coverage, I def. will check into that, thanks. Thought about the grass situation, I’m assuming I’ll be liable for any damage, or have them sign a waiver??? I dont think I have enough large jobs like this to invest in a wfp, theyre not able to be rented, are they? Appreciate the reply, thanks:D

Don’t worry about the grass. I tell all my customers I can’t control it. Some tips. Don’t turn the wheels until the thing is moving. That will help alot. That side portion is one of the reason I am saying you are going to need a longer/higher lift. The 60 will go about 30 ft up and 30 ft out after that you can come up short. What I would recommend is whom ever you call, either send them these pics and they should tell you what you need. Some companies will have a rep go out and look it over. On three story buildings I have fully extended a 65. You can only extend them so much before it get’s really dangerous. The basket only holds 2 people and 500 lbs. The more you extend it, the more the weight becomes a serious factor. I dont see you being able to reach the top corner windows with one but I could just be looking at the angles wrong. I think best to call and send the pics. Better to spend $100 more per week for the longer lift. Always easy to get shorter then longer. Good luck…
Oh one last thing. If you get the lift, you are not to use them in winds over 25mph. If you get the thing delivered and it’s very windy out. Call the company and tell them you can’t use the lift because it’s dangerous and illegal. They might credit you the day. My company does. But that’s only for windy days. Rainy days are billed days. Also I see in the far section of one of the pics what looks like a tower for a high tension line. Be careful, rain or shine. A man lift close enough will arch and fry everyone in the basket even from 20 ft away.

A perfect wfp job. No lifts required

60 ft may not get you where you need to be. I would check again with your lift guy/gal. Our lift company brings the lifts full of diesal, and then charge $5.00 a gallon to fill it back up when they pick it up. So we top it off when done. If you are doing only the glass shown, you should be able to do it in one day with two skilled window cleaners, and 2 days with hourly newbies. Don’t know about your area, but $3500.00 seems a little high. Of course, I live in MICHIGAN, where guys will do that building for $500.00 and a case Natty Light.:rolleyes:

Thanks for the advice guys, appreciate it.:smiley: I sent the bid in. We’ll see what happens. There are 3 separate bldings I’m bidding on, so I’m hoping that I get at least one of them. The whole total came in a little over $5600, so I’ve got my fingers crossed…:rolleyes:

Keep us posted. I’m rooting for you!:smiley:

thanks mrs squeegee, I appreciate that…I’ll let you know what happens:)

Maybe give some thought in the future to using a boatswain’s chair (rope descent system) instead of a boom lift.