Need some ideas please!

Hello everyone. Hope all is well with you all. I just wanted to put
some info out to everyone and try to pick your brains for ideas of how
to raise money locally (Your towns) for a non-profit that my wife and I are a part of. The non-profit is called Activewater. The basics of Activewater
are :People doing different athletic endeavors to raise money and awareness for the water crisis around the world and specifically
Africa. We work with an organization called Blood:Water Mission, that
builds wells in Africa and provides Anti-retroviralshots for those
with HIV. My wife (Amie) currently is running “The Earth Expedition”
from which Activewater was borne from. Please take a second and watch
the video at: <;

Then if any of you have any ideas of something Activewater can do
locally I would appreciate any input you could give.

Thanks for all your time.