Need to use WFP for this job, but got rid of tank!


Last year I was renting a tank that was huge, about 3.5 feet tall and weighed a ton too. Anyways I only used it sometimes, this year I decided not to rent it and I have no regrets so far.

A lot of times when I want to use my Garnier CLX wfp, the tds is low enough to go straight from the tap (I know im blessed :slight_smile: )

However a Job I have in 40 hours from now requires wfp (sunroom, cant walk on huge glass roof, impossible for me to pole and get good results), it is a great client, great guy, price isnt an issue and multiple cleanings a year.

This is my plan please critique it:

I will buy/create a small container that connects in between house water hose and wfp hose (basically a very minature version of a proper di tank/ do they sell containers like this at hardware stores for watering your lawn or something??), fill it with a couple handfuls of resin and put screens/filters so the resin stays in there.

Will this work? Any advice?

Also my plan is to go to the company that rents these massive di tanks and refills them, and I will offer some money (and use my charm :wink: ) for a small bag of resin. I heard marine stores sell resin? True?


Seems like a lot of hassle. if money is not an issue on this job could you not buy a 1/2 cu di tank from a local window cleaning supply house between now and the job?

Call one of your window cleaning buddies and borrow one or have him help you.